Experience the future with the Intelligent Edge with Analog Devices

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Analog Devices invites the public and media to CES 2023 to experience the Intelligent Edge at the booth no. 4725 at the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall.

Analog Devices sarà al CES 2023 con Intelligent Edge

At CES 2023, the impact that Intelligent Edge will have on every moment of our lives will therefore be shown to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, for a more efficient, secure and sustainable future.

During the panel session “Insights from the Edge”ADI specialists will be joined by experts and thought leaders in a series of discussions on how technology is enriching lives and accelerating breakthrough discoveries.

As for the program, the panel “The Future of Automotive: Bringing Personalized and Immersive Experiences into the Vehicle“, where ADI, Jaguar Land Rover and Harman will intervene.

The panel will be held on Friday 6 January The Ocean’s Critical Role in Combatting Climate Changefrom 12:00 to 12:25, and will be attended by ADI and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).

In addition to the discussions, there will also be 30 live demonstrations using ADI technology to understand how the Intelligent Edge will continue to advance efficiency, safety and sustainability in everyday life.

Specifically, the demonstrations will include:

  • automotive: for a more personalized, engaging, safe and sustainable mobility experience. ADI’s advances in connectivity, audio processing platforms, and power management solutions lead the way in the seamless transition from home to vehicle;
  • consumer: ADI’s technology allows you to work in the office from anywhere;
  • healthcare digital: ADI’s sensing technologies across a range of wearables for continuous vital signs monitoring to help manage health and sleep quality;
  • industry: terrain-based navigation and stabilization help make working days safer and more productive.

Analog Devices’ Intelligent Edge is an award-winning technology

The ADTF3175 also won the 2023 CES Innovation Award for opening up endless possibilities in augmented and mixed reality. It is the first high-resolution, industrial-grade indirect Time of Flight module for 3D vision and depth sensing systems.

La partnership con Seeing Machines

Advanced Computer Vision Technology Firm Designing Artificial Intelligence-Based Operator Monitoring Systems to Enhance Transportation Safety, Announce Partnership to Support High-Performance Technology of Driver and Passenger Monitoring Systems (MDS/WHO).

This collaboration, therefore, combines ADI’s advanced solutions for high-speed Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link™ (GMSL) infrared and camera driver connectivity with Seeing Machines’ artificial intelligence (AI) DMS and OMS software.

The goal is to support powerful gaze, eyelid, head and body posture monitoring technology to more accurately determine driver fatigue and distraction.

The combined solution meets the requirements of the European Commission’s General Safety Regulation (GSR) and the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). It can also enable new passenger monitoring features and a variety of camera placement options in the cabin.

Semi-autonomous driving systems rely on DMS and OMS in the cockpit to recognize and address driver fatigue and distraction. These systems must operate in all light conditions and require adequate infrared illumination to ensure the frame-by-frame image quality required for real-time eye tracking.

The combined solution of ADI and Seeing Machines to save lives

The combined solution from ADI and Seeing Machines is compact and functionally safe and leverages ADI’s first infrared driver for DMS and OMS, capable of delivering up to 100W of peak power, to install a non-intrusive camera module in the cabin and small in size.

Seeing Machines’ AI software interprets signals from the optical hardware, monitors and diagnoses the problem, and combines with ADAS functions to activate the output signals to alert drivers and vehicle occupants when needed.

“Seeing Machines’ goal is to ensure a safe journey for the driver and passengers and the work with ADI aims to support semi-autonomous driving with higher levels of safety to offer what we call supervised automation,” he said Nick DiFiore, SVP e GM of Automotive di Seeing Machines.

“ADI’s proven automotive near-infrared drivers and GMSL devices enable a sophisticated optical path to provide effective illumination and high-speed video bandwidth for real-time processing of interior cabin environments.”

“Cabin monitoring is complex and requires careful integration of infrared illumination, image capture, data processing and algorithm layers to achieve real-time response,” he said Yin Wu, Director of Automotive Product Line Management di Analog Devices. “Together with Seeing Machines, we are supporting the automotive industry by providing practical solutions that help reduce accidents and save lives“.