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Extraordinary maintenance: purging sinks and sewers

Although clogging of sinks and toilets and sewers is a common problem, there are several useful tips to avoid clogging of pipes.

Among the many problems that afflict people are those of clogging of sinks, bidets and toilets and that require the intervention of a professional plumber specialized in purging sinks and draining sewers. In the first case, the purging can also be done alone, while if the sewer is clogged or the septic tank is full, the intervention of an expert plumber is required.

How to prevent the drain from clogging?

Though clogging of the sink and toilet drain and sewer it is a frequent problem there are several useful tips to avoid clogging of the tubes. Best practice starts with the consideration that the drain often becomes clogged due to hair, cooking oil, toilet paper and food residues.

For this plumbers advise not to throw in the pipes:

  • Oil for frying and oil contained in tuna cans and in oil;
  • Kitchen paper;
  • Sanitary napkins and diapers;
  • Handkerchiefs, cotton buds and dental floss;
  • Hair and cigarette butts;
  • Household chemicals.

How to bleed the sinks yourself

In case of obstruction of the drainage pipes you can try to do it Bleeding Sinks Rome on their own using the so-called grandmother’s remedies, always effective. One of them is to pour 5 tablespoons of salt, 500 ml of vinegar and 1 liter of boiling water down the drain.

If this remedy does not work, the advice is to contact the plumber avoiding chemical and acid drainage agents that damage the pipes and release dangerous fumes for the person.

How to bleed the sewer

Unlike the drain sinksfor it Sewer purge Rome you can’t do it alone. In this case, we rely on canal jet technology, which uses water at very high pressure and is also ideal for clearing small pipes such as sinks and washing machines.

For it emptying the septic tank professional plumbers intervene, since any home intervention only risks worsening the situation. The importance of relying on a specialized company is also given by the fact that the illegal disposal of waste is subject to reporting by the authorities. The customer, even when it comes to draining the sewers, has the obligation to ensure that the waste has been disposed of correctly.

In this case the advice is to contact a professional with proven experience, available 24 hours a day and specialized. The best plumber Rome knows the various systems and plumbing and works with state-of-the-art tools to do so purging sinks and draining sewers. This is why it intervenes with self-draining and dewatering pumps in case of obstructions and empties the septic tank by transporting the waste to the landfill. At the end of the intervention, the customer receives the Waste Identification Form.

The only advice is to carefully choose the plumber in Rome to entrust him to sewer purge Rome and it bleeding sinks Romefavoring those who have been working in the sector for years and offer the customer a quality service at competitive prices.