Extreme ultraviolet lithograph EUV: Micron news from Taiwan

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Micron introduces new Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography to be processed at its Taiwan facility

Micron presented his Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithograph, which is likely to be processed at its Taiwan office. Although Micron (here for more information) is a predominantly US company, it also has some offices in Japan, Singapore, the PRC and Taiwan. Many of these became part of Micron after the acquisition of other companies.

News from Computex

Based on the presentation to Computex Micron is preparing to upgrade one of its three factories in Taichung with technology by the end of the year extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV). This is in preparation for the company’s transition to what it calls its process node a 1-gamma for the DRAM. Initially this appears to be a research and development hub to help the company prepare for a broader rollout of EUV technology. Micron’s current DRAM is based on its node 1-alfa and plans to move his node 1-beta in series production next year, in its Taiwan factories.

Micron’s current 1-alpha node is based on technology DUV and was introduced last year, with the company claiming to have an improvement on the 40% in memory density compared to its previous 1Z node. Its node 1Z is thought to have been between 11 and 13 nm. So node 1-beta is likely to end below 10 nm. Micron’s long-term roadmap also includes a knot 1-deltawhich was to be his first product EUVbut now it appears to have been moved to its node 1-gamma.

Extreme ultraviolet lithograph EUV: Micron news from Taiwan

The new locations for EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography

Micron might also move its other factories up EUV in due course, but so far the DRAM it did not benefit as much from the reduction in knots compared to most other types of ICs. So it will be interesting to see the actual improvements that EUV could bring.

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