Ecco la nuove linea di case NZXT H7 thumbnail

Here is the new line of NZXT H7 houses

NZXT is pleased to announce the new generation of H7 mid-tower cases. Let’s find out all the details about it together.


This model is optimized, thanks to the presence of the side panels and a series of supports, for a clean cable management. Access to the side panels is possible without the use of tools, making it easier to upgrade internal components and control the PC. Also, the top of the case is open. It allows the installation of 360mm radiatorsso as to increase thermal performance.

The H7 and Flow cases are offered in different color variations; white, black and black with white accents. Instead, the Elite version, is available in black and white with a matching tempered glass front panel, clear glass for white case and tinted glass for black case. The Flow model, on the other hand, focuses on cooling and differs in the addition of a perforated front panel that offers better ventilation. This model is ideal for high-end builds and for overclocking.


NZXT H7 2H7 Flow

NZXT H7 3H7 Elite

Home accessories coming soon

In addition to the new case series, NZXT unveiled a renewed line up of accessories. Among these proposals we find new fans it’s a vertical support for GPUs. The new line of F Series fans is able to satisfy every need and adapt perfectly to every RGB build. The Quiet Airflow line and the new Static Pressure fans will keep temperatures low, reducing the overall temperature and helping the entire hardware. The new fans are available in black and white and in 120 and 140mm sizes.


NZXT H7 retails for a recommended price of 139,90 euro while the version Flow is that Elite they cost respectively 139,90 euro e 209,90 euro.

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