Extremely OK Games: Celeste developers prepare for a new announcement

Extremely OK Games: Celeste developers prepare for a new announcement

The developers behind the infamous Celeste are gearing up for a major new announcement, according to their Twitter account

Celeste is one of those few examples of games from the indie world that have managed to achieve great fame and great results. Released by Extremely OK Games (at the time known as Matt Makes Games) in 2018, the game received extremely positive reviews from audiences and critics, managing to sell beyond 500,000 copies only in its first year of launch. Tonight, on the official Twitter account of the developers of Celeste a tweet appeared anticipating a important announcement. Let’s see together what it is.

What kind of announcement are we talking about from Celeste’s developers?

In the tweet it is reported, with a very simple sentence, that the announcement of the Celeste developers will take place on the day of tomorrow. The tweet in question doesn’t reveal much else to be honest except, perhaps, the emoticon that was used. In fact, next to the phrase “Vibe reveal tomorrow” you can find the emoticon of a tulipano: considering how much the element of strawberry was important in Celeste’s game, it may be that even in this case the tulip could be an important clue as to what awaits us tomorrow.

In 2019 the director was also asked Matt Thorson, in an interview, if they had in mind to make a sequel to their masterpiece. Thorson replied that a sequel was not planned at the time, but that maybe their plans could change. In any case, the last publication of Extremely OK Games dates back to 2019, and it is the free DLC for Celeste entitled “Chapter 9: Farewell”, containing lots of new additions including, for example, over 100 new levels and 40 new tracks.

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