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EZVIZ BC2 review: very small.. but what quality!

In this review we will analyze the EZVIZ BC2 indoor camera

EZVIZ is a brand that we have had the opportunity to get to know in depth on our pages, thanks to its considerable presence in the world of smart security systems. In fact, EZVIZ has long since become one of the most famous brands in the home security sector, offering reliable and affordable video monitoring solutions.

With the BC1C we’ve already had the chance to test a wireless security camera designed for outdoor use, and this time we’re excited to be able to explore the EZVIZ BC2, a mini security camera specifically designed to be placed indoors. Thanks to its advanced technology and innovative features, this camera is the ideal product for anyone who wants discreet and reliable video monitoring in their home. Let’s find out together in the full review.

Technical specifications

  • Image sensor: 1/2.8-inch progressive scan CMOS, 2 megapixels
  • Self-adaptive shutter
  • Lens: 4 mm at F1.6, angle of view: 100°, 85° (diagonal), 46° (horizontal)
  • Night vision: max. 5 meters
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux
  • Target mount: M12
  • Day and night vision: IR filter with automatic switching
  • DNA 3D
  • Max resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Frame rate: 15 fps Self-adaptive function during network transmission
  • Video Compression: H.265/ H.264
  • Operating conditions: -10°C to 45°C; maximum humidity 95% (non-condensing)
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Minimum network requirements: 2 Mbps

EZVIZ BC2 review: very small.. but what quality!

Unboxing and First Impressions – EZVIZ BC2 Review

The EZVIZ BC2 product package includes a USB cable on one end and a micro-USB cable on the other for battery charging. Furthermore, there is a magnetic support with the possibility of rotation, stickers and a bracket with relative screws for wall mounting. Finally, the instruction manual is included to guide users in installing and using the security camera.

What surprises the most once you look at the camera is its really small size. In fact, we are talking about 39.1mm X 39.1mm X 51.3mm. The shell is made entirely of plastic where glossy and opaque sections alternate. This allows the ip cam to maintain the low weight of 85.6g.

The front part houses the optics, the sensor for filming even in dark places, the LED and the microphone. On the back we have the two keys aimed at reset and on / off, the entrance for the micro-SD and a micro-USB entrance for recharging. The upper part houses the speaker and the lower part the sticker with the specifications. Under the shell, the camera houses a 2000 mAh battery. We would like to specify that the bottom of the camera is magnetic. This will allow you to anchor it to the base (which is also magnetic) by placing it practically anywhere.

The installation is really simple. In fact, to do it, just install the app (available on both Android and iOS) and follow the instructions, scanning the QR located under the IP cam.

Our Experience – EZVIZ BC2 Review

We have text in several EZVIZ BC2 environments. Let’s talk about the goal first. The sensor is 2 megapixels and the viewing angle is 100°, 85° (diagonal) and 46° (horizontal). This allows you to better monitor any type of room if we position the cam optimally.

The quality of the recordings fully satisfied us. The maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels and clips will be recorded at 15 frames per second. Although it may seem insufficient, we assure you that, for the type of product, these are more than satisfactory parameters. Of course, everything has to be looked at with the mindset that this is a battery-operated mini-camcorder.

Basically, the camera will record once it detects movement through the infrared PIR sensor that detects heat sources (humans and animals). However, it will be possible to change the operating mode so that it always records as long as it is connected to the power supply and as long as you have a large enough micro-SD card.

We have tested EZVIZ BC2 in different scenarios and have never encountered any problems. The camera always detected our movements and gave us clips and notifications precisely. About autonomyInstead, leaving the basic settings the camcorder discharged in about two weeks. This is a parameter that changes according to the settings you use and the number of detections that the camcorder makes.

Let’s sum up

In summary, the EZVIZ BC2 is a mini security camera that offers a reliable and unobtrusive solution for indoor video monitoring. With its technology and features, the video camera proves to be an ideal choice for anyone who wants an effective and affordable security system to monitor an environment in their home (or office) in a truly discreet way.

Plus points

  • Really tiny
  • Excellent video quality
  • Numerous settings present in the app
  • Possibility to install a micro-SD

Points against

  • Micro-USB input for recharging
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