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EZVIZ CB8 Smart Home Camera Review: the new frontier of video surveillance

In this review we will discover the new EZVIZ CB8 2K 3MP Wireless Surveillance “Smart Camera”. This guarantees excellent quality thanks to the 3MP sensor, color night vision and much more

Founded in 2013, EZVIZ is a brand dedicated to creating a safe environment. Convenient and intelligent for its users through smart devices, a cloud-based platform and AI technologies.

EZVIZ’s innovative products and services can be used in homes, workplaces, shops, schools and more. EZVIZ allows partners to share unique cloud services to build a thriving IoT ecosystem.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the new wireless surveillance camera from EZVIZ; the CB8 2Kwith WiFi technology, 3MP Motorized, Pan&Tilt with 360° Visual Coverage and a duration of 210 days with a single charge.

EZVIZ CB8 Smart Home Camera Review: the new frontier of video surveillance


Among the features of this new smart surveillance camera from EZVIZ we find:

  • Superior image quality and color night vision. Record high-definition images both day and night. Thanks to its two integrated spotlights, the CB8 2K battery camera is able to capture vibrant color images even at night; allowing you to detect crucial details that would otherwise be missed.
  • Battery powered and recharged by EZVIZ solar panel. Equipped with a 10,400mAh rechargeable battery, the CB8 2K can work for up to 210 days on a full charge. Plus, you can connect it to the EZVIZ solar panel for continuous power.
  • Intelligent people detection and accurate notifications. People detection technology enables the camera to intelligently identify human presences; ensuring you will only receive notifications when someone approaches, avoiding false alarms caused by animals or other sources. You can configure specific time intervals for tracking.
  • Panoramic 360° coverage and Auto Tracking. Thanks to its wide horizontal rotation of 340° and vertical rotation of 65°, the CB8 2K camera offers a complete view of the surroundings. The EZVIZ app allows you to access these images right on your smartphone. Additionally, this security camera features an automatic human movement tracking feature, following people as they move within its field of view.
  • Alarm with siren and strobe light. The EZVIZ Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera constantly monitors critical areas of your home, automatically recording and sending notifications to your mobile device when it detects motion. Upon detection, the camera activates a loud siren and flashes a strobe light to deter potential intruders. You can also manually manage the activation and deactivation of the alarm system at any time.

Below we will enter “the heart” of our discovery of this extraordinary product.

Packaging and unboxing | EZVIZ CB8 Smart Camera Review

Let’s start with the packaging. The box of the CB8 is quite large but compact. With a light gray background, the box features the EZVI company name across the top; on the front we find the name of the product in prominence and the image of the video camera in its entirety.

On the sides we find the description of the various functions, to make the use of the product easier and more immediate. In addition to an overview of the various features, we also find an image of the “smart camera” while it is in operation and is connected to an Ezviz solar panel (sold separately) for automatic recharging. On the back, however, we find the full name of the model with the barcode.

Inside | EZVIZ CB8 Smart Camera Review

By opening the package, we can finally extract our “smart camera”. This is positioned interlocking in the upper part of the package so that it cannot move and damage during transport. The camera is already fully assembled and ready to use. You will only have to decide where to place it (which I really appreciated).

Furthermore, in the package we find:

  • the inevitable user manual with QR code to be able to download it from smartphone,
  • and brochure with surveillance camera mounting,
  • il charging cable of the device (negative side the adapter for the socket is missing)
  • screws and fisher for assembly.

EZVIZ CB8 Smart Home Camera Review: the new frontier of video surveillance

Technical characteristics | EZVIZ CB8 Smart Camera Review

Right away the main technical characteristics of EZVIZ CB8 are reported:

  • Product dimensions: ‎18.3 x 11.6 x 16.6 cm;
  • Weight: 803 grams
  • Batteries ‎1 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)
  • Additional features: ‎PTZ technology, Night vision
  • Optical sensor resolution: ‎3 MP
  • Video resolution: ‎1080p
  • Voltage: ‎5 Volts (DC)
  • Wattage: 10 watts
  • Power type: Solar powered
  • Type of connectors: ‎Wireless
  • Real visual angle: 100

Materials and Design | EZVIZ CB8 Smart Camera Review

At first glance, the CB8 looks really nice and pleasant. The design really strikes, not clashing with the surrounding environment.

The main spherical camera body, covered in a water-resistant plastic material, has a considerable weight; but the bracket used for installation doesn’t feel quite as solid in comparison. It would have been preferable to have a slightly more robust bracket, as the doubt arises that it could deteriorate over time, especially considering the weight it has to support

In the lower part, however, below the lens, the motion sensor, the microphone and the security siren, we find a small recess. This contains the input for external memory (Micro SD max 256GB) and is protected by a cover that matches the color of the camera.

Finally, under the anchoring bracket, we find the input for the charging cable (or for connecting the EZVIZ solar panels) protected by a small white cover.

EZVIZ CB8 Smart Home Camera Review: the new frontier of video surveillance

Test | Recensione Smart Camera EZVIZ CB8

Now we come to the most important and fun part, the one relating to the tests carried out on my CB8. I had a lot of time to test it, to understand if the “good vibes” that it immediately gave me (since I opened the package) were just an “impression” or not. And I have to say that in the end I was pleasantly surprised by this security “Smart Camera”..

An advantage is already given by the fact that the camera is fully assembled and ready to use. You just need to decide accurately where to place it; being careful however (and this is a tip to make it 100%) to place it near a router or a Wi-Fi extender.

Another upside, is the app; by now EZVIZ has accustomed us very well. As in many other tested devices of this brand, the app is easy to download and install. Using and registering is really simple, e the connection with our device, via the QR Code, is really very fast.

In detail

After charging the device for about an hour, installing the app and scanning the QR Code to connect the Smart Camera to the smartphone, the fun has begun. I carefully chose the right location for the device(I obviously recommend not placing it close to strong lights or headlights) and I began to test the various functions of the cam.

I immediately noticed the difference with other lower-end devices, as both with sunlight and after sunset, the videos and photos taken via the app had excellent quality. And this is already enough, in my opinion, to reflect the sale price. To this, we add the fact that through the app I can turn the lens (or raise it and lower it) as I like to change the shot to be observed.

Also, thanks to the “Intelligent Detection and Auto Tracking” the camera can automatically track all human movement; registering them and sending a notification to the smartphone. A flaw however, if we want to be picky, is that the notifications also arrive with the presence of large insects right in front of the lens, or if perhaps the strong wind “moves” the cam a bit.

On the other hand, the speaker level is also very good when speaking via the app. The voice is very clear and strong. Similarly, the siren alarm is also excellent (which we can always trigger at any time via the app if we see something strange via the live video); accompanied this by a strong strobe light (which obviously makes it much more in the dark).

EZVIZ CB8 Smart Home Camera Review: the new frontier of video surveillance

Final considerations

Summing up, I can consider myself much more than satisfied with this product. The hardware configuration is extremely simple: just download the app, scan the QR code and associate the device to your Wi-Fi network in seconds, making the device immediately ready for use. Furthermore, by inserting a micro SD, it is possible to record the events generated by the camera every time it detects a passage in front of it.

After various trials and countless tests, I have noticed many features that I really liked, while other things need to be improved.

Let’s start with the positives, definitely the price, very affordable for a high-end camera; in addition, the recordings are smooth and clear both day and night. Finally, the app is really comfortable and the installation is simple and fast.

Instead, one of the main flaws that I found, is the fluency when using Wi-Fi. Live footage often features jerks, as do recordings. So if you decide to install this video camera, not having the possibility to use an internet sim, my advice is to mount it near your router (or a Wi-Fi extender).

Last thing, if we want to be picky, is that if you don’t have a recharging station nearby, or a long enough cable, you have to disassemble the cam and keep it unused until the recharge is complete. However, the company has compensated for this with the possibility of connecting an EZVIZ solar panel (but this must then be purchased separately).

In conclusion, despite these small flaws, for domestic applications and situations where the budget is limited, these devices really do a great job.

And you? What do you think ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).


Plus points

  • Quality price
  • Easy to use
  • Video quality

Points against

  • Place close to router for maximum performance
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