Ezviz CP4 review: top of the range digital peephole

In this review we talk about the Ezviz CP4 digital peephole, which smartly revolutionizes the way of opening the front door

The world of home security continues to evolve with more and more solutions innovative e accessible. In this context, the wireless digital peephole Ezviz CP4 It presents itself as a cutting-edge product, designed to offer users peace of mind and convenience. With a combination of advanced technology and intuitive design, the CP4 promises to transform the home surveillance experience. In the following review, we will closely explore the features, the performance e reliability of this device, analyzing how it integrates into daily life and how satisfies the needs security of its users.

Ezviz CP4 review: top of the range digital peephole

Packaging and unboxing | Ezviz CP4 review

The Ezviz CP4 digital peephole package offers everything you need to a simple installation it’s fast. Inside the box, you will find the CP4 complete with panel, base and assembly e cable Of diet 1 meter long. To make installation easier, 6 screws and a quick start guide are also included that provide clear, detailed instructions. Thanks to this complete package, you will be ready to start unboxing and installing your new digital peephole without waste time looking for add-ons.

Technical features

Before delving into the user experience, here are the main technical characteristics of the device.

  • Supported hole diameter: da 16,5 a 50 mm
  • Supported port diameter: da 35 a 105 mm
  • Image sensor: 1/3″ progressive scan CMOS
  • Objective: 2.0mm @ F2.2, 155° diagonal viewing angle
  • Day/night switch: ICR infrared filter
  • IR Distance: maximum 5m
  • Resolution maximum: 1080p / 2MP con frame rate video di 15fps
  • PIR Detection: 110° angle with maximum distance of 6m and adjustable sensitivity
  • Storage Interface: MicroSD card slot up to 256GB
  • Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE802.11b/g/na 2.4 GHz, supports 20 MHz channel bandwidth

Ezviz CP4 review: top of the range digital peephole

Assembly | Ezviz CP4 review

Mounting the Ezviz smart peephole is an operation extremely simple it’s fast. It is compatible with doors that have a hole at least 15mm thick, a standard size that fits most doors. If there is already a traditional peephole with a 30 mm hole, simply unscrew it and proceed with the installation of the new smart device. The assembly process is intuitive: just fix the external compartment with two screws and insert the internal bracket through the hole of the peephole, making sure to also pass the cable not necessary screws.

The internal bracket is equipped with a connector USB-C to which the peephole cable must be connected. It is advisable to check that everything is mounted correctly before tightening the screws securely. Once this is done, you can connect the 4.3-inch display to the bracket via the USB-C connector and press the center button to complete the installation.

Ezviz CP4 review: top of the range digital peephole

User experience | Ezviz CP4 review

The experience of using the Ezviz CP4 digital peephole is truly intuitive e comfortable. Let’s start with the assembly which is greatly simplified thanks to the truly meticulous and well-made guide. Thanks to its large touch screen from 4.3 inches, after having mounted it, consulting those in front of the door becomes child’s play, eliminating the need to lean over to look through the traditional peephole. By pressing the button home, you can clearly see who is outside and you can also set the screen to automatically turn on when visitors are detected. The integrated bell sound, in addition to providing a pleasant audible alert when someone presses the doorbell button, allows you to receive a video call in real time on your phone. In this way, you will always be aware of the identity of the visitors even before opening the door, ensuring greater security and control.

For those who want to monitor their home even when they are away, the CP4 offer instant mobile notifications thanks to its motion detection function PIR. This allows you to receive immediate alerts on your smartphone in case of presence in front of the door. Thanks to its ultra-wide angle lens 155 degrees, the CP4 ensures optimal visual coverage by minimizing blind spots, even in low light conditions. With clear night vision up to 5 meters away and an automatic day/night mode, it always delivers clear, detailed images, regardless of environmental conditions.

From a design perspective, the CP4 integrates seamlessly onto your door with simple installation and eye-catching aesthetics. Its resistance to burglary ensures maximum protection of yours privacy and yours family. Finally, thanks to the integrated 4,600 mAh lithium battery, the CP4 frees itself from complicated wiring and offers exceptional autonomy up to 90 days standbyensuring constant and reliable protection without the need for frequent recharging.

Ezviz CP4 review: top of the range digital peephole

Conclusions and price | Ezviz CP4 review

In conclusion, it Ezviz CP4 digital peephole represents a smart investment to improve the safety and convenience of your home. With a price of approx 160€, offers excellent value quality price considering its advanced features and the revolutionary user experience it offers. Thanks to his simple installation, To its rugged design and advanced sensing technology, the CP4 promises to dramatically improve your calm and yours home security. With its ability to provide real-time notifications and a clear view of guests at the door, this device proves to be a reliable companion to protect your family and property. Ultimately, the CP4 stands out as an excellent option for anyone looking for an effective and efficient way to monitor their home entrance, offering a modern, cutting-edge solution for contemporary security needs.

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Points in favor

  • Full HD resolution
  • Easy installation
  • Mature and stable app
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