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EZVIZ Smart Lock review: discovering the new smart lock

In this article, we will test and review the new EZVIZ Smart Lock for you. The electronic lock with integrated Wi-Fi module with easy installation and an attractive design

Founded in 2013, EZVIZ is a brand dedicated to creating a safe environment. Convenient and intelligent for its users through smart devices, a cloud-based platform and AI technologies. EZVIZ’s innovative products and services can be used in homes, workplaces, shops, schools and more. EZVIZ allows partners to share unique cloud services to build a thriving IoT ecosystem. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the new EZVIZ Smart lock.

EZVIZ Smart Lock review: discovering the new smart lock


Among the strengths of the new EZVIZ electronic lock we find:

  • Easy to install.
  • Support for a built-in Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth connection.
  • Management via application. It can be unlocked/locked via the EZVIZ application, which can manage smart lock user permissions and query door lock status information.
  • “Auto Lock” mode and “Privacy” mode. Smart lock blocks automatically when the door is closed or you can program a period of time to deactivate the mobile unlock automatically.
  • Multifunctional external keyboard. You can open the door as if you were unlocking your smartphone, by entering a pin or with just the swipe of your fingers.
  • Gateway Domestico A3. Useful for remotely unlocking door opening.

Packaging and unboxing | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

Let’s start with the packaging. The Smart Lock box is quite large but compact. With a gray background, the box features the EZVIZ company name on the front, with the product name prominently displayed and the lock in its entirety. On the sides we find the description of the components and the assembly method, to make the installation of the product easier. It is explained in detail which are the components that must be placed inside and which ones that will be placed outside. In the back, however, we find an image of the lock mounted on a door to see the final result before use. We also find the model name with the barcode.

Inside | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

By opening the package, we can finally extract our smart lock into its 3 main components. This is positioned interlocking in the upper part of the package so that it cannot move and damage during transport. In the lower part of the package, we have a box that contains:

  • the inevitable user manual with QR code to be able to download it from smartphone,
  • a leaflet with the assembly of the components,
  • USB charging cable with adapter for the power outlet
  • 6 file style
  • 2 lock covers
  • screws, mini screwdriver and hex key for assembly
  • 2 proximity cards.

EZVIZ Smart Lock review: discovering the new smart lock

Technical characteristics | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

Below are the main technical characteristics of the EZVIZ Smart Lock + Home Gateway + Keypad:

  • Communication: Ezviz Connect Zigbee which requires use with Home Gateway
  • Battery Type: 4 batteries alkaline AA included in the package
  • Operating conditions: –25/+55 (-13/+131°F)
  • Functions: automatic lock; user rights management; Push Notification on Mobile; privacy; low battery warning
  • Degree of protection: waterproof
  • Certifications: CE / UKCA / RoSH / WEEE / REACH
  • Dimensions: 126,9×43,2×56,9 mm (4,99″x1,70″x2,24″)

For the keypad:

  • Battery Type: 2 batteries alkaline AA included in the package
  • Operating conditions: -25/+55 (-13/+131°F)
  • Functions: Password unlock, peek-a-boo, electronic doorbell, low battery warning, tamper alarm, lockout against incorrect attempts for temporary passwords, and lockout activity log
  • Degree of protection: IP56
  • Certifications: CE / UKCA / RoSH / WEEE / REACH
  • Dimensions: 71×30 mm (2,80″x1,18″)

Materials and Design | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

Now I will focus on product design. As regards the aesthetic part, I can say that I was quite satisfied with the work done by the company EZVIZ up on this smart lock. TOP design. Really nice to look at, with an excellent choice of colors. The materials seem really resistant to the touch and there is no feeling of fragility that one might feel in other similar products. The knob of this lock is entirely made of aluminum alloy, while the casing is made of plastic. As for the small and light keypad, the casing is also made of plastic. Ditto for the Home Gateway, small and light (but white). All in all, I can say that this lock is really beautiful to look at! It has a great effect not only if applied to the entrance door, but also for those who, such as in a B&B, may need it in the entrances to the various rooms.

EZVIZ Smart Lock review: discovering the new smart lock

Test | Recensione EZVIZ Smart Lock

Now let’s move on to the most important part of all, the testing phase of our product. I have carried out several tests of this electronic lock. I can say that the EZVIZ Smart Lock performed quite well during all the tests, even if with some limitations. I can consider myself quite satisfied with the final result. Let’s start from the beginning; the installation on the door was quite simple thanks to all the indications given both on the box and in the manual. Even an impractical person like me, in 10 minutes, was able to assemble it in complete autonomy. This is because the lock is applied directly to the existing one, without having to disassemble it and (as in my case) without having to make holes in the door.

In detail | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

The important thing (which can be a limitation) is the fact that in order for the door to work, we must install the lock it must be able to be unlocked from the outside even with a key inserted inside. The thickness of the key should be less than 5mm, while the key head should be less than 40mm. You need to check the thickness of the padlock cylinder to select the suitable mount. Frame A is applied directly to the door while frame B is in turn placed above it and fastened with the screws and the hexagonal key. Then the key must be inserted and finally the smart lock is applied with the screws. Insert the batteries and close the Smart Lock cover. Finally, parallel to the lower part of the lock, apply the sensor to the side of the door (more or less at 5 cm).

Final part of the installation | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

Download the app on your smartphone. Scan the QR code to connect the device (by holding down the matching key button for a few seconds until the beep). Follow the instructions and when the indicator light turns blue your devices will be paired. do the same thing for the Gateway, reading the QR code on the back. Follow all the instructions and connect it to the lock via the app.

Operation | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

Once everything is installed correctly, you can start opening and closing your door without the need to use the key. You can open the door simply by touching your smartphone, or by using the electronic keypad located outside the door. From there you can enter a code (chosen by you) and access without having to insert the key in the lock. Locking also takes place automatically when the door is closed; you will just hear the lock close and lock. So you can say goodbye to that annoying and constant search for keys. Through the app, you can also receive real-time notifications on the status of the lock and manage temporary access codes.

EZVIZ Smart Lock review: discovering the new smart lock

Final considerations

I can say that I am quite satisfied with this EZVIZ product. Operation, in general, is quite excellent. The convenience of being able to open the door quickly and smartly is truly incredible, for example to accommodate guests simply by sharing an access code or unlocking the door remotely. Or again, check that you have closed everything without perhaps having to get up from the sofa or bed, in complete comfort. The only (but great) limitations of this device are given by the fact that

  • it can only work with a certain type of locks. If your door does not support opening from the outside if the key is already inserted from inside, the device will not work;
  • if the key does not comply with the pre-established measurements, it cannot adapt to the lock.

And you? What do you think of this smart lock from EZVIZ? ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).


Plus points

  • Easy to install
  • Attractive design
  • Fast functionality via app

Points against

  • Not compatible with all locks
  • Limited key size range
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