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F1 2024 Bahrain GP: where to see the event

From February 28th it is impossible to miss the first F1 2024 GP Bahrain event, let’s find out where to see the event and other curiosities

The first race on the annual calendar will follow the traditional weekend format, with all events brought forward by one day. Qualifying, usually on Saturday, will instead take place on Friday, while the race will be held on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday. This decision was made by FIA and from Circus from the F1 also for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, whose event is scheduled for Saturday 9 March, in consideration of the start of Ramadan on 10 March. The Bahrain Grand Prix week begins on Wednesday 28 February with the drivers’ press conference at 1.30pm, followed by the first two free practice sessions on Thursday and qualifying on Friday to establish the starting order for the race, scheduled for Saturday at 5pm :00, Italian time.

Qualifying from the circuit Sakhir will be broadcast unencrypted and deferred on TV8 at 22:00. The race will take place on Saturday 2 March, with exclusive live broadcast from 4pm (delayed to 9pm on TV8). Don’t miss a minute of the action with NOW TV, which offers complete coverage of the event, allowing you to enjoy every moment live, wherever you are. With NOW TVexperience the adrenaline of Formula 1 as if you were there in person.

F1 2024 Bahrain GP: where to see the event

Where to see the event? | F1 2024 Bahrain GP

Wednesday 28 February
1.30pm: drivers’ press conference
4.30 pm: Special “F3 – Gabriele Minì” (rerun)
Ore 17.45: Paddock Live Pit Walk
6.00 pm: Special “F2 – Andrea Kimi Antonelli”

Thursday 29 February
Ore 08.50: F3 – Prove Libere
Ore 10.00: F2 – Prove Libere
11.30 am: Special “F3 – Gabriele Minì”
11.45 am: Special “F2 – Andrea Kimi Antonelli”
Ore 12.15: Paddock Live
12.30 pm: F1 – free practice 1
Ore 13.30: Paddock Live
1.55 pm: F3 – Qualifying
2.35 pm: Special “F3 – Gabriele Minì”
2.50 pm: F2 – Qualifying
3.30 pm: Special “F2 – Andrea Kimi Antonelli”
Ore 15.45: Paddock Live
4.00 pm: F1 – free practice 2
Ore 17.00: Paddock Live
Ore 17.30: Paddock Live Show
6.00 pm: team principal press conference (deferred)

Friday 1st March
Ore 11.10: F3 – Sprint Race
Ore 13.15: Paddock Live
1.30 pm: F1 – free practice 3
Ore 14.30: Paddock Live
Ore 15.10: F2 – sprint race
Ore 16.15: Warm Up
Ore 16.30: Paddock Live
5.00 pm: F1 – qualifying | 10.00 pm: delayed TV8
Ore 18.15: Paddock Live
Ore 18.45: Paddock Live Show

Saturday 2 March
Ore 09.55: F3 – Feature Race
Ore 11.25: F2 – Feature Race
Ore 14.30: Paddock Live
4.00 pm: F1 race | 9.30pm: delayed TV8
Ore 18.00: Paddock Live
Ore 18.30: Debriefing
Ore 20.00: Race Anatomy

F1 2024 Bahrain GP: where to see the event

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