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F1: another scandal regarding Ben Sulayem

There continue to be scandals in the world of Formula 1. This time the subject is the F1 FIA president, Ben Sulayem, protagonist of another scandal within the feud

The world of Formula 1 seems to be really going upside down, with a lot of chaos inside and above all scandals and very serious accusations. The most famous and most recent case is that of Christian Horner, whose dismissal and dismissal by Red Bull they confirmed. However, this is not the only scandal that has arisen within the 2024 championship. This year it really seems like total chaos and all the rottenness within it is starting to rise. Because in fact that of Christian Horner is not the only case of scandal, there is one that has actually been going on for even longer than the Red Bull team principal. In fact, we are talking about Mohammed Ben Sulayem, F1 president ofAutomobile and Touring Club. But what exactly happened and what is such a big figure in Formula 1 accused of?

F1: another scandal regarding Ben Sulayem

The accusations regarding the scandal of Ben Sulayem, president of F1

The reasons for the investigations into him would be linked to the fact that around November 2023 he would have interfered with the results of the 2023 Saudi Arabia GP. During this race, in fact, Alonso would have been pardonedas he had already left late by 5 seconds for having positioned himself badly on the grid. The driver would then have incorrectly remedied the penalty by taking advantage of the safety car’s entry onto the track, a move that cost him further 10 second penalty, for a total of 15 seconds. This then led him to move into fourth position. Sulayem would have opposed the choice, having the penalty canceled to move the Spanish rider back to the top. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Sulayem also has conflicts of interest in the family Wolffalleged economic agreements and alleged expense reimbursements that in reality were not in line with the requirements required by the Compliance Committee, which is why Sulayem could now also be pushed to resign.

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