F1| Honda arrives in Europe with a new headquarters

The Japanese manufacturer Honda is already thinking ahead to 2026 when it will return as a manufacturer to F1 by opening a new headquarters in the United Kingdom

The Honda inaugurated the new headquarters based in the United Kingdom with a view to 2026 when the Japanese company will return to F1 under the guise of builder. In fact, in 2026, F1 will see the debut of a new regulation on the Power Unit front. The system will be deleted MGU-Hnot the one relating to the electrical part with the power of the hybrid which would be around the 50% of the total.

Honda had said goodbye to F1 in 2021, but still remained stable in the category by supporting Red Bull in the creation of Red Bull Powertrains in Milton Keynes. The new headquarters, called HRC (Honda Racing Corporation), will act above all on the post-race maintenance of its power and preparation units.F1|  Honda arrives in Europe with a new headquartersF1|  Honda arrives in Europe with a new headquarters

F1: Honda returns to F1 with a new headquarters

This new detachment on English soil will allow the Japanese company to act more effectively on the driving units. Another big step forward for the manufacturer with a view to 2026 when Honda will collaborate alongside Aston Martin for the supply of Power Units.

However, Honda will continue to operate at its Japanese headquarters in Sakura as has happened in recent years. However, the new European headquarters will allow us to have a point of reference for travel and maintenance with the aim of reducing costs. Honda has confirmed the start of staff recruitment for its new hub in the UK from this spring.

On the Red Bull front, however, the RBPTH engines will continue to be used until the end of 2025 while from 2026 the Austrian team will make use of new engines designed jointly by Honda and Ford.

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