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F1: Is Christian Horner’s career near the end?

Probably, the career of Christian Horner, the British manager and team principal of Red Bull, could be close to the end and the team could already lead him to exit next week

The case of Christian Horner is very controversial and a lot of confusion is being created, there are those who deny the accusations, those who support them. The fact is that, a few weeks ago, the team principal di Red Bull, was accused of sexually harassing a team employee. However, there are those who say the accusation is that of being an extremely strict team principal who caused discontent in some team members. The fact is that investigations are continuing and it may not end well for the former British driver and manager. Horner was even accused of having bought the silence of the harassed employee. The fact remains that Christian Horner’s career is at risk and Red Bull could fire the team principal next week.

F1: Is Christian Horner's career near the end?

End of Christian Horner’s career?

Considering all these precedents and these accusations that he has received, it seems that Christian Horner’s future in F1 hangs by a thread. Some expected the team principal to leave even before the start of testing in Bahrain, but that didn’t happen. But in any case the manager’s career could be really close to the end. In fact, as reported by the Finnish journalist Mervi Kallio, only the final details would be missing to definitively remove Horner from his role. The official announcement could arrive directly next week, specifically Wednesday.

Kallio finally added that Red Bull’s board of directors reportedly banned all employees from commenting on the Horner case. However, rumors indicate that Horner’s exit is increasingly likely. Among other things, a few days ago some photos were also published online where Horner is wearing civilian clothes, without wearing the Red Bull logo. However, photos like this have already been seen during recent pre-season tests, so it is not a given that his career is truly over.

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