F1, Red Bull-Perez: where are we with the renewal?

Rumors about Sergio Perez's renewal are taking center stage at Red Bull, with the Mexican letting the team know that he wants a two-year deal

Sergio Perez and the renewal with the Red Bull they still represent an unknown for the Milton Keynes team. After Fernando Alonso's renewal with Aston Martin, it is now up to driver Sergio Perez to dissolve his reservations about his future. The Mexican will expire at the end of 2024, despite this he remains confident of sitting next year next to his teammate Max Verstappen. During testing in Shanghai, China, Perez explained that he wants a contract of at least two years because he believes that next year there will be a lot of changes in the driver market mid-season. This could make the riders' positions unstable, and he prefers to be part of a long-term project.

Although Christian Horner e Helmut Marko have not confirmed an immediate deal, they do not rule out the possibility of extending Perez's contract with Red Bull. At the moment, there are rumors that indicate Carlos Sainz as a possible successor to the Mexican next season, but nothing is definitive.

F1, Red Bull-Perez: where are we with the renewal?F1, Red Bull-Perez: where are we with the renewal?

I renew Perez, Horner preaches calm

Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, has stated that there is no rush in making a decision on Sergio Perez's contract renewal. Despite Perez's outstanding performances in the first races of the 2024 season, Horner believes it is still early to make a final decision on the future of the team's drivers for 2025. The team principal stressed that Red Bull is satisfied with the performances of both drivers its drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. However, Horner made it clear that there is no need to rush into making an announcement regarding Perez's contract. While the Dutch he has a long-term contract with the teamPerez's contract is yet to be determined.

In response to Perez's hopes of getting a two-year renewal, Horner said that Red Bull could consider a one-year deal for have more flexibility in future decisionsincluding the possible return of Alexander Albon in 2026. Horner emphasized what the team wants to see from Perez continuity in its performance before making a final decision on his future with the team. Despite pressure from Perez for a timely announcement, the English manager assured that Red Bull will consider all options at the appropriate time and does not feel obliged to act hastily.

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