F1: tensions at Ferrari after the Chinese Grand Prix

After the Chinese Grand Prix, there is a heavy atmosphere at Ferrari, not only due to the tension between the two F1 drivers, but also due to set-up problems

Tense climate full of bad moods: this is what you can feel at home Ferrari after Chinese Grand Prix. While second place in the constructors' standings has been consolidated, on the other the results of the weekend in Shanghai have revealed some worrying cracks that cannot be underestimated. Already on Saturday, during the sprint race, the tension had skyrocketed. Sainz e Leclerc they touched, with the Spaniard getting the worst of it also due to a subsequent contact with Alonso. Leclerc expressed his disappointment via radio, while Sainz limited himself to apologizing for any problems created. On Sunday, the situation worsened further. At the first corner, Leclerc caught Sainz on the inside, causing him to lose valuable positions. Subsequently, Leclerc came close to the podium, while Sainz trudged on 10 seconds awaydemonstrating a significantly lower race pace.

F1: tensions at Ferrari after the Chinese Grand PrixF1: tensions at Ferrari after the Chinese Grand Prix

Ferrari: various problems to resolve in view of the next F1 races

These episodes fueled rumors of growing tension between the two pilots. The Spanish press added fuel to the fire with headlines and articles highlighting an alleged “acquired right” on Sainz's part, fueling discontent within the team. The team principal Mattia Binotto finds himself facing a delicate situation. He will have to manage the situation with the utmost care to avoid the tension escalating into an open conflict that could compromise the entire F1 season. The Maranello company must regain cohesion and concentration to aim for the set objectives. The awareness is that the salaries of both pilots, for now, are still paid by him.

In addition to the tension between the drivers, other worrying aspects emerged from the Chinese Grand Prix. The two cars struggled to keep up with Red Bull and Mercedes, highlighting performance limits that will need to be filled as soon as possible. Furthermore, the team's strategy appeared at times uncertain and ineffective, with decisions that penalized Sainz in particular. In view of the next races, Ferrari is called to reflect deeply. Binotto and his staff will have to work to improve the car's performance. One will also need to be defined more effective strategy and above all bring harmony within the team.

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