F1: the Madrid GP could return in 2026, announcement soon?

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The return of an F1 GP to Madrid is scheduled for 2026 and the announcement could come soon. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

The next official announcement regarding the possible return of a GP in F1 a Madrid should be issued there next week, as reported by sources from the international news agency Associated Press. If confirmed, this would mark a return of the Spanish capital to the motoring circus after more than forty years, with the last race held in Jarama way back in 1981.

Currently, Barcelona holds a contract that commits it until 2026 as the venue for one of the Formula 1 World Championship races. However, according to information gathered, Madrid could take the place of the Catalan match in the calendar. An alternative prospect, yet to be ruled out, could even see Spain hosting two races in the space of two years. The new race, if confirmed, would take place on a street circuit, but the design details are still being defined.

F1: the Madrid GP could return in 2026, announcement soon?

The Mayor’s words on the next F1 GP in Madrid

José Luis Martinez-Almeida, mayor of the municipality of Madrid, recently declared that next Tuesday, January 23, there could be “some good news” for the city. This statement further fuels speculation on the possibility of hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix again, arousing the interest of enthusiasts and professionals.

The news represents a potential return of historical importance for Madrid in the Formula 1 panorama, offering a new scenario of racing and automotive challenges. We await with trepidation the official announcement which could shed light on these developments and outline the future of top-level motor racing in the vibrant Spanish city. These were the latest news regarding the possibility of putting a GP in Madrid on the F1 calendar for 2026.

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