Facebook contro la propanda russa: niente più contenuti sponsorizzati thumbnail

Facebook against Russian propanda: no more sponsored content

Facebook against Russian propaganda. Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Security Policy at Facebook, announced on Twitter that the platform has officially decided to prevent Russian state media from creating sponsored campaigns.

“We are preventing Russia’s state media from creating advertising campaigns or monetizing using our platform, anywhere in the world” – writes Gleicher – “We will also continue to apply appropriate labels to Russian state media content. We have already started introducing these updates and will continue to roll them out over the weekend. “

Labels are nothing new. In fact, they have existed since 2020 and allow Facebook to report all those newspapers that are totally or partially controlled by the home state.
Add to this now the inability to advertisethe launch of a tool for Ukrainian citizens that allows block your profile from being seen by anyone except friends and the creation of a center for special operations which is responsible for responding to the situation in real time, making the necessary changes to help Ukraine as far as possible.

For its part Russia has already partially blocked access to Facebook within the country, in response to Facebook’s actions. The government also asked Zuckerberg’s platform to block content tagging, which Meta refused to do.

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