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Russia blocks Twitter

Russia has blocked access to Twitter. The objective is clear: to stop, as far as possible, the circulation of information. To report it is NetBlocks. The group, which is in charge of monitoring the network, noticed a series of connection problems that resulted in the total blocking of the platform by several providers.

This was also confirmed by foreign journalists present on Russian territory, with a BBC reporter who specified that use is severely limited but possible, especially using a VPN that can get around the block.

The reasons for the decision are not officially known but, as we anticipated at the beginning, highly understandable. Russia is trying to reduce access to social media to limit the circulation of information, a move that involves both Facebook and Twitter and which serves a show the Russian people a decidedly sweetened version of what is happening in Ukraine.

Both platforms, however, are doing what they can to keep working, with Twitter saying it is working to ensure that the social network remains safe and accessible.

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