Facebook: Confidential information continues to leak

Facebook "preferisce i profitti alla sicurezza" per un'ex-dipendente thumbnail

Robert Fortunato for CBS News/60MINUTES

The platform is making some internal boards private, after a lot of information was leaked about Facebook.

Facebook tries to curb the numerous leaks on the platform

For weeks, Facebook had to deal with numerous information leak, resulting from a huge amount of leaked internal documents. Now, according to the New York Times, the platform is allegedly making some groups private on its internal Workplace boards. The move is apparently an attempt to prevent further information leaks. At the moment it is not yet clear exactly how many and which groups will be made private.

“Information leaks reduce team effectiveness, efficiency and morale. They work every day to address the challenges of running a platform for billions of people, ”Facebook said in a statement. “Leaks can put employees working on sensitive topics outside at risk. Furthermore, summary and not contextualized news could lead to misrepresent and misunderstand complex topics ”.

Frances Haugen, source of numerous Facebook leaks

The Verge portal claims the move had been in the works for months. Either way, the Zuckerberg team’s decision comes after the informant’s testimony in Congress Frances Haugen. The latter, as a former staff member, turned out to be one of the sources of the numerous leaks. Haugen is expected in the UK Parliament to testify later this month. Meanwhile, the Audit Committee said it wanted to meet with Fances Haugen.