Age of Darkness Final Stand is available in Early Access

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Team17 and PlaySide Studios have finally published Age of Darkness Final Stand, a real-time strategy video game arriving today in early access. Set in a dark fantasy world with the last vestiges of humanity fighting for survival, the title makes use of SwarmTech technology to render more than 70,000 enemies – the nightmares – that attack humanity’s last known stronghold.

Age of Darkness Final Stand is available in Early Access

Surrounded by The Veil, a procedurally generated fog that hides nightmares and drains life force from anyone daring to venture through it, humanity’s last enclaves must survive a series of five Death Nights – waves of attacks with a huge number of challenges to overcome, nightmare after nightmare.

Here are the main features of Age of Darkness Final Stand:

  • Nightmares are real: Using “SwarmTech” technology, Age of Darkness: Final Stand is capable of having more than 70,000 enemies on screen at any one time.
  • All-consuming mist: recapture the procedurally generated world from “The Veil,” a dynamic fog that hides enemies and drains the player’s life.
  • Earn Your Blessings: every Death Night, a random modifier appears that affects the game, testing the player’s plans and their ability to keep the darkness at bay.
  • A champion must arise: Leading the charge against the horrors of the night, the heroes are the key to turning the tide of battle with their unique abilities.
  • An army needs training: Configure your army differently in each game with a skill tree dedicated to different classes: grant invisibility to your archers or infuse your sentries with blind fury.

Age of Darkness Final Stand can be purchased on Steam.