Facebook copies Instagram and launches the Reels

Facebook copia Instagram e lancia i Reels thumbnail

Facebook “Takes its cue” from Instagram by introducing i Reels in its official application after introducing the stories for some time. Facebook Reels are, for the moment, only available in the US. The creation of this particular type of content follows the same characteristics as what has already been seen on Instagram where the Reels have been available for over a year.

The Reels also arrive on Facebook

The success of TikTok has radically changed the world of social networks. Instagram has “copied” the main function of TikTok by introducing the Reels. Today, however, the Reels also debut on Facebook. For now, this feature is available as a test version in the US but it is easy to hypothesize a future arrival on a global scale, already in the next few months.

Users will be able to create Reels directly from the social media application, without going through Instagram. The Reels can then be shared in the feed and in Groups. For Facebook users, therefore, there is now a new tool for creating content and for integrating with other users. The Reels, of course, can also be used by the various pages to advertise themselves better.

In the future also in Italy?

Most likely, it is only a matter of time before you register the Reels debut also for Italian users of the social network. Facebook will be able to count on this new function to offer an additional tool for users to interact and create content. More details will arrive, of course, over the next few weeks. The test phase, in fact, should end soon.

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