Facebook down since this morning, what’s going on?

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After Instagramalso the other Meta social network seems to have connection problems: Facebook is down, unable to log in. The reports in the last few hours have multiplied, with many users complaining of not being able to reach their account. What is happening?

Facebook down today March 23, 2022, like Instagram

Peak of reports of disruption on the Downdetector page dedicated to Facebook. At the moment it seems that the situation is not widespread for all users. And the complaints come from the users who use it l’app mobile of the social network, which instead is reachable via browser sul computer.

Most of the reports (59%) concern i loading times. In fact, the app seems to be unable to show updated content, freezing for a few seconds and then apologizing for the inconvenience.

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The first peak of reports arrives just before 10 this morning, and then remain elevated until the time of writing this article. On Twitter, several users are complaining about loading times that are too long and the inability to access their profiles.

The news is raising alarm above all because it comes in conjunction with the Instagram connection problems. It therefore seems likely that there are gods problems in Meta servers, the parent company of the two social networks. But it is still unclear whether this is a system update or maintenance problem or some external attack (an option that remains less likely, however).

We will update you on the development of the story, also waiting for the company to explain what is happening.