Instagram, anyone can tag products in posts

Instagram, tutti possono taggare i prodotti nei post thumbnail

Instagram has decided to give all users the possibility to tag the products of the companies, a function previously only available to companies and influencers. At first, users of the United Statesto then expand beyond the American borders.

Instagram, you can tag products as if they were people

In 2016, Instagram introduced the possibility for companies and influencers to tag products in the posts. Subsequently, the option also arrives in the Stories and Reels. But the evolution of Instagram into a platform that showcases products of all kinds is continuing, so much so that there is the possibility of buy some products directly from the app.

To tag the products you simply have to take and edit the photograph as you do for all posts. But once you get to the page where you tag people, you will find the “Product Tag” option. At this point you can touch the product in the image or video and tag them. By selecting the tagyour followers will be able to purchase the product.

Instagram down 23 March

Instagram told The Verge that users who tag products they will not receive any commission for any purchases. But the platform stands by testing an affiliate program with some creators. So one day you can receive a small percentage of the transaction, if Instagram decides to expand the functionality to all users.

Companies that sell the products will receive a notification when you tag one of their products. All tagged posts will appear in one special card in their company profile. But companies will also be able to choose to to block the tags on the platform from your account.

For now, this option becomes a way to support small businesses that create products you want to support. But it could one day become a essential tool for influencer marketing, with Instagram becoming more and more an online showcase for companies.

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