Facebook introduces a rule to block dangerous groups

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Facebook announced new policies to manage groups that create “coordinated social danger”. The new rules make it possible to counter legitimate accounts that coordinate to promote violence or risky practices, in a way that was previously impossible for social network moderators.

Facebook introduces new policies to block dangerous groups

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media already had a rule against “inauthentic coordinated behaviors“. Basically a series of rules that allowed to act when bots or fake accounts incited violence or spread false information that put people at risk. But according to Facebook’s head of security Nathaniel like the distinction between real and fake accounts becomes increasingly complex.

“We are seeing groups that pose a significant social risk, which also engages in breaches of our platform. But that do not necessarily rise to the level of coordinated behaviors that are inauthentic or that may be part of policies against dangerous organizations. This protocol is meant to manage those groups that are in this no man’s land“.

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The measures therefore serve to manage those groups of account reali ma not belonging to dangerous organizations (for example terrorist). Facebook leads the example of those who spread fake vaccine news. Or of those who organize acts of political violence such as that of January 6 in the United States.

In announcing the new policy, Facebook explained that it had removed the German accounts linked to the movement Lateral thinking. They had spread conspiracy theories about Covid-19 restrictions and law enforcement linked to violent acts in Germany.

Although Gleicher said that the study of these rules began well before tcoup d’etat in the United States, is aware that that has had a weight in enacting these measures. “If you think of our efforts against agents linked to Qanon, if you think of the measures taken against the” Stop the Steal ” [il gruppo di repubblicani che non ha accettato l’esito delle regolari elezioni], if you think about our efforts against other groups: we have learned from all of them “.

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