The review of the Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chair

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Smartworking or not, the time we spend in front of the computer has only increased in recent years and with it our need to have a seat as comfortable as possible. For i gamers then, this element becomes even more important since, as often happens, both work or study and entertainment involve the same scribe and consequently, the same session. Also in the last few years, the concept of “gaming chair” has evolved more and more transcending that initial trend that simply indicated a more intriguing chair. This Nitro Concepts he knows it well and for us gamers and smart workers, has reserved the best products, including the Nitro Concepts X1000 and this is his review.

Our review of the Nitro Concepts X1000

The sedia da gaming Nitro Concepts X1000 brings with it unique features designed to adapt to a large audience with very specific needs. Let’s find out the details.


This gaming chair boasts an elegant design that combines high quality fabrics with areas made in fake leather. It backrest, high (85 cm) and spacious (45 cm) make it ideal for any body type allowing even larger players to rest comfortably the head. To do this, the chair is equipped with a comfortable polyester padded cushion and decorated with the iconic flame of Nitro Concepts. The cushion can be quickly released with a practical elastic.

On the sides of the back we find a detail angular design where, in theory, they rest their shoulders which guarantees them a particularly interesting look. Between the backrest and the seat, we have a sponge lumbar cushion that carries the Nitro Concepts lettering and logo embroidered on it. The pillow is simply placed and can be removed or not according to our personal tastes.

Like the backrest, also the seat is very wide and comfortable and will be able to support and pamper gamers for hours, no gaming session will be too demanding. To make this reality, the two armrests in solid plastic and rubber are also very large and versatile.

It supports the whole solid steel structure resting on a classic plastic base on 5 wheels, also in plastic.


The chair immediately proves capable of adapt to the different needs of consumers. It passes by common characteristics, such as theelevation to class 4 gas to adjust the height, to more particular ones such as i flexible armrests. Thanks to a side lever, any armrest can be height adjusted independently of the other. This proves extremely useful if you are playing using the mouse and keyboard or with a controller that requires more intense elbow support. Likewise it is possible adapt the chair to any desk, without worrying about the height. Likewise, thanks to the push of a button on the inside of the armrests, it is possible orient them left and right or slide them forwards or backwards. It will be impossible not to find YOUR favorite position.

Added to this is also the backrest adjustment able to be moved between 90 and 125 degrees, ideal for being able to lie down and maybe rest your eyes (writing “sleep” seemed ugly!). In terms of relaxation, particularly interesting is the “rocking chair” system which allows you to rock slightly forward and backward.

On the field

We had the opportunity to try the Nitro Concepts X1000 for this review for about a month during which we used it both for work and for video games. The first thing to say is that this gaming chair is very easy to assemble. In the package you will find everything you need to join the pieces together with practical paper instructions that will guide you to do so. Once assembled, the immediate sensation you get is that of not only being in front of an extremely useful object for our daily life, but it is also a beautiful object that will stand out in your room or office.

From the first session we realize one thing: this chair is very wide. This is a feature particularly appreciated by taller gamers. Who is writing this review, for example, is 180cm tall by 75Kg and I found this chair absolutely perfect for my space needs. The width of the seat, of the bracelets and the height of the backrest, are ideal for those who for too long have been imprisoned by chairs that are too small to be considered such. On the other hand, for the smaller gamers, the dimensions of the Nitro Concepts X1000 (55 x 56 x 119 cm and 20kg in weight) can be too bulky.

A matter of adaptation

In this gaming chair we particularly liked the aforementioned versatility which makes the chair suitable for all our needs. The armrest adjustment system is particularly interesting, more than important quads we talk about relaxing the arms between one game and another. Furthermore, during our test, we also used different desks and stands without any problem.

However, nothing distracts us from the general comfort that each element has given us, from the pillow, which we can finally reach comfortably, to the lumbar support which allowed us to reach the end of the day without fatigue and without pressure on the vertebrae. The fabric of the chair is soft and comfortable and keeps cool even during the hot summer days that have just passed. To support these feats of comfort and design, however, we expected a much more solid and particular base. Instead, we find a classic rather basic hard plastic base which, although the wheels are well made and silent on the floor, clash with the refinement of the chair, resulting similar if not equal to many less prestigious models.

In general, however, the comfort, the feel and the eye-catcher are typical of a Premium item made to last.

The Nitro Concept sX1000 gaming chair review at a glance

The comfort, the feel and the eye-catcher of this Nitro Concepts X1000 are typical of a Premium item made to last. In the now saturated gaming chair market, Nitro Concepts manages to stand out with a model that transcends the banal “fashion” of accessories for gamers to give us a product that can adapt to all needs and builds.

The Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chair managed to win us over by improving our posture, seating comfort, and work and non-work performance (but we can still blame the LAG!).

Prices and availability

The Nitro Concepts X1000 gaming chair is available on Amazon and on the official Nitro Concepts website at a price of € 299.99. Of the chair exist 4 colorazioni Stealth Black, Inferno Red, Galactic Blue e Radiant White.

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