Facebook introduces new ways to customize Reels

Facebook presenta nuovi modi per personalizzare i Reels thumbnail

Mark Zuckerberg yesterday afternoon communicated some news coming for Facebook Reels, which mainly concern new controls that allow you to customize the Reels. In fact, people will be able to express their preferences on what they want to see more or less often. This way, you can discover new Reels that are akin to your tastes.

Facebook, new options to customize the Reels

With the new options introduced there are new controls that allow people to select the reels they want to see more or less frequently. This will affect what you see in the videos in the Feed and in Facebook Watch will be content more suited to your interests.

Also, Meta has created a Reels section at the top of Facebook Watch to make it easier to find reels on Facebook. Plus, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between reels and larger videos when watching creator content on Facebook.

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The novelty is important because, as Zuckerberg explained on April 26, the Reels have led to an aincrease in time spent on Facebook and Instagram. A figure that is growing steadily – and which has led the company to grow again.

With the success of this format, it’s becoming crucial for Meta to help people discover the reels and new creators that are most relevant to them. By adding more sections dedicated to Reels within Watch, it improves the video experience on Facebook, to make it easier for people to discover, enjoy and share video content.

Plus, there are more ways to get direct feedback on which video content you want to watch more or less often. This way you can actively modify the algorithm that presents the reels. And find content that is more akin to our sensibilities.

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