Facebook: New allegations from a former employee

Facebook: nuove accuse da un ex dipendente thumbnail

Accusations from former Facebook employees continue to arrive. The social network has, in fact, been accused of think more about profits than to check the messages of hate and misinformation. The new accusation was launched by the Washington Post which reports the findings of an unidentified former employee of the group that controls the social network.

New accusations against Facebook: the social network prefers profits to the fight against disinformation and hatred

It is not the first time that Facebook has been accused of this type of behavior. In fact, the group will have to defend itself in Congress against the accusations made by the former employee of the group, Frances Haugen. The allegations are clear. The company would prefer to focus on systems for aincrease profits even at the expense of the fight against hate speech and fake news.

The new accusations

The latest developments on the issue date back to 2017. The new accusations, in fact, concern the behavior of the social network in the management of controversies related to alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 US presidential election. Over the next few days, further details may emerge on the issue that, once again, puts the behavior of the social network in a bad light.

Recall that in recent days Facebook has already highlighted the results of the fight against fake news and hatred. With a post published by Guy Rosen, Facebook’s VP of Integrity some numbers of the results obtained by the social network in recent months have been revealed.