Microsoft releases the Diversity & Inclusion Report 2021

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Microsoft has released the new Diversity & Inclusion Report 2021. This is a new edition of the report that captures how diversity and inclusion are integrated into corporate culture globally. The report highlights Microsoft’s path with regards to diversity and inclusion by analyzing several parameters.

Data from Microsoft’s 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Report

The Diversity & Inclusion Report 2021 confirms a growth of number of female employees globally. This number represents the 29.7% of the total workforce (+ 1.1% compared to last year) and 25% of top management. The global figure is in line with that of Microsoft Italy (29.4%). Furthermore, in the United States, there is a strong growth in diversity.

Microsoft African American employees represent 5.7% of the workforce (+ 108% compared to 2017) and 5.6% of top management. Hispanic employees grew by + 0.5%, now representing 7% of employees (+ 71.4% compared to 2017) and by 3.7% of top management. Asian employees are also growing (+ 0.7% compared to 2020), which make up 35.4% of the US workforce (+ 57.8% compared to 2017).

The full report is online

Microsoft’s Diveristy & Inclusion Report 2021 touches on several business aspectsthe. This report analyzes in detail the company’s evolution in terms of diversity and inclusion. To read the report completo you can take a look at the Microsoft site.

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