Facebook, new in-app browser for Android coming soon

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Facebook is about to introduce a new one browser in-app per Android, which should make it easier to use the contents shared on the social network. Many features are supported, and soon the software should be integrated into the other apps of Meta come WhatsApp, Instagram e Messenger.

Facebook ready to launch a new in-app browser for Android

The indiscretion comes from Betonmobile, which explains how Meta will launch this novelty on Facebook in the coming weeks. The new in-app browser will have several new features, including the ability to use the address bar for searches as if it were a full browser.

In addition, there will be the possibility to more easily share the contents opened on the browser with other users in all Meta apps. For example, if you read an interesting news by clicking on a Facebook link, you can easily forward it to a friend on WhatsApp via the in-app browser.

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It also appears that it will be possible save web pages as icons in your home, so you can reach them later. A function that could be very useful if you find an in-depth study that you don’t have time to read at the moment, or if you find the perfect holiday home and want to book later.

Meta’s goal seems to be to make the function usable for all the links and on all the apps of the group, but at the moment some test only on Facebook and for some types of links.

Until now Facebook used the in-app browser for Android WebView, which has the advantage of not letting you abandon the app. This new version, based on Chromium (the open source project on which Chrome and Edge are also based) will instead be developed by Meta and will have dedicated functions.

Users can still use their default browser by selecting “Open in browser” on the links or by logging into Facebook via the browser if they prefer.