Fairphone 4 goes 5G

Fairphone 4 diventa 5G thumbnail

Be prepared for the arrival of Fairphone 4 5G, the new smartphone of the company that follows an ethical and eco-sustainable production philosophy. Like the previous models, in fact, this too is largely made with recycled materials. It is based on the concept of modularity, which facilitates the replacement of any hardware component in case of corruption or update. So let’s find out more closely what are the characteristics of this phone.

Fairphone 4 5G: all the features

From what we know, the new Fairphone 4 5G will have a design characterized by rather marked bezels and a notch drop containing the front camera. On the back, however, the camera is inserted inside a triangular module that certainly includes a 48MP main sensor. Among other features, then, there could be the provision of 6 GB of RAM memory, and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage space. But the real strength of this sartphone is given by the 5G support, which will undoubtedly increase its selling price considerably.

Apparently, in fact, the cost of the Fairphone 4 5G could be around € 600. A rather high figure for the company, although it must be considered that the extended support for both wear parts and updates, as well as the possibility of adding RAM or even improving the photographic sensors. At the same time, however, it must be said that perhaps the Fairphone production structure is not yet completely ready to face the launch of a medium-high-end smartphone. This, however, we will discover only the next September 30th, when the phone is officially unveiled. And we will be there, ready to understand if it really meets our expectations.

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