Halo Infinite: new leaks on the maps

The dataminers have already dug into the Halo Infinite code, bringing to light new important details on unpublished game maps, we offer you the first images

With a great and anticipated game like Halo Infinite, leaks are wasted and are practically inevitable, plus, with the focus of the game mechanics placed on online multiplayer, it is not surprising that we have already had a couple of alleged news focused on which maps will be available in the game and also in the last few hours the insiders and leaker they certainly did not spare themselves. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Halo Infinite: among the new maps of the game also New Mombasa? It would seem so, according to the latest leaks

New alleged news on Halo Infinite: dataminers have been busy lately and digging into the game’s files courtesy of its second technical preview, so what appear to be three new ones have come to light maps not yet announced.

One of them is set in an indoor location (which Halo fans are probably a little tired of right now), with what appears to be hydroponic equipment visible at the edge. Another map is set on what looks like a Halo ring, with a huge anti-aircraft weapon targeting a UNSC spaceship. The third, however, is the one that most intrigues most Halo fans. The reason? Well, the latter seems to be set in New Mombasa, the city in Africa that was destroyed during the events of Halo 2 e Halo 3: ODST.

Obviously, given the “seasonal” model that 343 Industries has adopted for Halo Infinite, we do not know if these maps will be in the game at launch or if they will be added after its release, but we now know that the same software house has inserted the files game of this setting in the code of the same.

We remind you that Halo Infinite will be launched onDecember 8 per Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One e PC. In the last few days, as we have told you, there have been two test consecutive for the multiplayer of the game, more information here. In addition, Microsoft has also announced an enticing special edition of the Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X in recent months.

We will keep you updated on all future developments in this regard. In the meantime, always stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for all the news and curiosities from the world of gaming and beyond. Lastly, for the video game download codes at discounted prices we invite you to take a look at the Instant-Gaming.com store.