Green Pass falsi: chiusi due canali Telegram thumbnail

Fake Green Passes: two Telegram channels closed

Fake Green Passes: two Telegram channels closed. Thumbnail

While the controversy continues on the Green Pass obbligatorio, the proposals for the purchase of Green Pass falsi tramite l’app Telegram. In these hours, in fact, the news of the seizure of two Telegram channels by the public prosecutor of Catania. These channels were used for the distribution of fake certificates against payment to be made in cryptocurrency. The operation also led to the identification of some people.

Closed two Telegram channels selling fake Green Passes

The Telegram channels named Green Bypass 2.0 e Vendita Green Pass authentic (respectively with 5,200 and 120 members) were seized by the Public Prosecutor of Catania. These channels advertised the sale of fake Green Passes. The cost of a bogus certificate was 250 euros to be paid, however, in cryptocurrencies to make the transition untraceable. The blocking of the channels also led to the identification of two people and the seizure of smartphones and other IT media. Investigations could extend and lead to the identification of additional channels and individuals who have purchased or distributed fake certifications.

Investigations continue

Considering the particular situation linked to the Green Pass, it is highly probable that, in the coming days, new channels similar to those blocked in these hours will emerge. In the near future, therefore, investigators may request the blackout of additional channels to try to stop the plague of the fake Green Pass.

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