Lian Li Odyssey X review: three souls one body

Lian Li Odyssey X review: three souls one body. A case that impresses with its beauty. A case that hides many surprises

In this review we return again to talk about the prestigious house Lian Li, in previous reviews we had explored the potential of the model O11 Dynamic Mini Snow Edition, and today we will see the recent Odyssey X, which also this time bears the signature of the well-known German overclocker Roman Hartung, better known in the industry by his stage name der8auer.

Before going into the heart of the review today we can give you some general points to frame the product. We are certainly talking about a case uncommon, it costs so much, and it’s not for everyone. This is a case dai materiali premium, but that’s it absolutely niche, it focuses on design, and on being whimsical. It does not have dust filters, and it is a choice, because only those desired and sought-after openings give it an intriguing appearance.

It’s a Full-Tower, but remains compact in form, it is possible to totally change its structure / shape in 3 variants, owns folding side panels in tinted glass, and all the necessary and fundamental features to indulge in the creation of a Custom Loop, in short, if this Lian Li Odyssey X has whetted your imagination, we just have to get to the heart of the review.

The striking aesthetic | Lian Li Odyssey X Review

It will come to you with a respectable package, with attention to the smallest details. Inside, everything is placed with care and attention to the transport phases. Each bulkhead has its own insert, each single component a housing, really well done.

The first impact with the “carcass” of our case is strange. As we immediately come into contact with a case that presents a full modular structure, almost any section of the case can be disassembled to change its shape.

The structure is extremely solid and resistant, the quality of the materials is not in question. We are rarely faced with such a general quality. To be precise made of aluminum and anodized finishes. But it is the details that are striking, nothing is left to chance. Some things we were particularly struck by the feet, sturdy and absolutely functional, the material used literally glues the case to the surface. And also the rear part aimed at the wiring, very comfortable for how it is structured.

Let’s let the images speak to understand the structure of the case;

I attention to detail they are also and above all noticeable in the little things most common for most, such as the blocking of panels and bulkheads, which takes place through a quick lock system with quick coupling. You are seeing it in the photo below.

Lian Li Odyssey X review: three souls one body

The peculiarity of this system, in addition to being extremely comfortable – as it does not include the classic locking screws – is that it hooks up with incredible ease, it requires only a modest pressure, and it is very resistant to hook. But the greatest convenience is there ease with which they come off, really disarming, just a little pressure.

Top-of-the-range specifications | Lian Li Odyssey X Review

We briefly describe the technical data sheet. There are 3 different looks that we can createindeed, they are real configurations. Dynamic, Dynamic-R (Rotate) e Performance. Two colors, Full black and Silver / black.

So many possibilities that this case has, we have the possibility to rotate the motherboard plate 90 degrees, or set a shape Perfomance, so from favor the flow of air. The structure changes, the dimensions also change accordingly. Here are some summary slides of the 3 achievable configurations. All the provisions, however, wink at the Custom Loop systems, nobody forbids to create a “normal” configuration, but it tends to be created for this kind of machines. In fact, we find an internal space literally optimized to create a Custom machine.

We have the support for EEB, E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX form factor Motherboards. We can install radiators up to 480 mm, of course, with the ability to install a maximum of 9 fans, from 120mm, or up to 7, from 140mm.

To be precise, we will be able to install two 360mm radiators in Dynamic mode. In Dynamic-R instead we will have the same compatibility but, with the support of the motherboard to improve the cooling of the GPU, by moving the motherboard to the top of the case. Also in this mode, if we want we can opt for a 480mm radiator and consequently a 280mm radiator. Obviously we are referring to 2 radiators per zone, for example, one placed in Top and the other in Front.

Last but not least in Performance mode, in which the entire structure is completely overturned by 90 degrees. In practice we will also have here a support two 360mm radiators or one 480mm radiator and one 280mm radiator. In Dynamic and Dynamic-R configuration we have dimensions of (Depth) 575.5mm x (Width) 234mm x (Height) 558.5mm. Which change for the Performance mode, where we will instead have (Depth) 537.1mm x (Width) 368.6mm x (Height) 596.7mm.

Instead we have a maximum of 280mm for the power supply in terms of length, and 423mm for the GPU. As for the units we have the possibility to insert 3 3.5 “disk drives, and three 2.5” SSDs. The panels are as mentioned in 4mm dark tempered glass.

For the I / O panel, also removable to place it elsewhere, we have a double USB 3.0 port, a single USB 3.1 Type-C port, audio connectors, power / reset and system led. As you can see from the photos, there is a comfortable cable cover, we can move it to the area we want. And in the back several cable holes and 5 cable channels, equipped with Velcro straps included and already strategically placed.

The mounting system | Lian Li Odyssey X Review

During the installation phases we appreciated the order in which Lian Li arranged the kit containing the screws necessary for assembly. Screws inserted in a convenient box, complete with separate compartments, and for easy identification we have a number, from which on the manual we can see what that particular piece is for.

We have available then 2 removable panels, which we can assemble in different shapes, e 2 other panels that can be inserted in the top or front area according to the configuration we choose to create. We will also find 4 extra supports, which are used for mounting the glass in a lateral position, with the opening of the same, as you are seeing in the photos.

The general assembly is comfortable in some ways, but in some moments some difficulties have arisen. For example, in the configuration we have chosen, that is Dynamic Mode, we do not have access to the motherboard from the back of the case (wiring area), and this can become difficult for mounting a CPU backplate. On the other hand, in Dynamic-R and Performance mode this is possible. Limits and consequences of particular construction choices. It was difficult to do otherwise, the advice we can give you is to think before the configuration that format to choose.

The slots for the wiring are enough, and they are placed in strategic points, nothing to say about it. We also appreciated that there is no backplate for external PSU, and therefore to be mounted. But we find it already integrated into the structure of the case. To build a PC inside this case we opted for a system Custom Loop, we have chosen for this configuration a Corsair kit, the iCUE XH305i Hydro X model. You are looking at the photos;

The configuration made

The conclusions

Ultimately, today’s Case is definitely a niche product. And as such, everything that follows must be accepted. It is a product that must be understood, its nature must also be understood the risk and to underestimate it or, overestimate it.

Some constructive choices can be uncomfortable, each shape you choose has its compromises, it is good to structure your configuration before buying it. As widely said, it fits perfectly with the creation of Custom Loop so it must be placed in that segment.

Lian Li Odyssey X review: three souls one body

But it is, and will always remain a design case, with which you can indulge yourself. We can sit here and discuss for hours and hours about why there are no dust grills, but this is a case of the Open Case design category, if Lian Li would have inserted the filters it would have definitely ruined a very futuristic overall harmony. Basically, this case costs around 500 Euros, it’s not for everyone, it’s for a few. Not only from an economic point of view, but also of pure appreciation of the genre. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

Points in favor

  • Uniqueness in the market
  • Great Open Case
  • Overall quality
  • Innovative side panels
  • Possibility of having 3 different shapes

Points against

  • Price
  • Some constructive choices