Fallout 76: Did Xbox Expect a Cancellation?

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Had Xbox considered the idea of ​​a possible cancellation of Fallout 76? Let’s find out the details together

Microsoft was recently the victim of a huge leak which brought to light many judicial documents, including one which seems to demonstrate the intention to Phil SpencerCEO of Microsoft Gaming, to opt for the cancellation of Fallout 76. It should be noted that the game was the product of a disastrous launch in 2018, but has been able to recover over the years, reaching a total of fifteen million gamers globally.

Fallout 76: Did Xbox Expect a Cancellation?

Phil Spencer on the cancellation of Fallout 76

Five million more than the gamers requested by Phil Spencer to save money Fallout 76 from a possible cancellation. In fact, we read in the email leaked online:

From my point of view Fallout 76 is an interesting game. Obviously he didn’t start well. The team is still trying to improve it and get more players. It seems that either we reach a figure of around ten million gamers on all platforms or we decide to move forward and if you believe that PlayStation Now can revive the fortunes of this video game, then I am in favor.

Danger escaped, therefore, for the title developed by Bethesda which risked being cancelled. After all, the history of videogames is full of titles that start quietly, only to recover with subsequent updates released by software houses. Have you played Fallout 76? Would you have been in favor of its possible cancellation or are you happy that in the end Bethesda managed to assert itself with that title on the market?

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