Fallout: the games to recover to watch the series

Do you want to watch the Fallout series, but don't know which games to get? We can help you overcome this challenge… even if it is self-imposed

Welcome back to our living room, where every now and then we take time to discuss the most trending issues: specifically, we have just talked about a boom in newbies for serie Falloutintended as a videogame saga, on Steam on the occasion of the adaptation of Amazon Prime Videowhich is why you might want to know which games to recover. We remember, regarding the article cited and the series The Last of Us mentioned in it, the blogger Lauren “Book Huddle” (immortalized below) who, surprised by the quality of the story, fell from the metaphorical but like many others – video gamers. Only recently is the long-awaited cultural redemption of our favorite medium taking place, but if you are here to learn about an art form that is new to you, you are welcome. Let's see how we can help you… or rather, if.

Why ask the question (and the problem) | Fallout: the games to catch up on before the series

If you want to recover games from the Fallout series, we have to ask you a question that will take you by surprise: Does this make sense? Surely you will answer us with another question (“Why?”) but, cutting the bullet, let's say straight away Amazon's adaptation is not based on any specific game. The same Todd Howard of Bethesda explained that the setting is the same, but at the same time it is “its own thing”. There is no shortage of details and goodies for those who have already played, of course. However, even though existing fans are rewarded for their loyalty, it is not a 1:1 scale narrative retelling of the saga. Sure, there's a lot of lore behind it, but outside of the niceties you should be able to understand the plot.

War never changes | Fallout: the games to catch up on before the series

If you're still here, you'll want to know something about lore before diving into the series (whether it's the Amazon one or the video games). A review could help you understand the logic with which this world works, between inhabitants, factions and motivations. Basic, a “great war” in 2077 (assuming we don't get there first, ed.) ends with nuclear waste around the world. And the United States, whatever the arrogance of the “American dream”, is not doing very well. It goes without saying that mutations have affected every possible living beingwhich is why they try to make a living in the company's vaults VaultTec from which the first survivors venture into the hostile arid lands of the new world. Basically the Land of Wall-E, but with the addition of hideous mutations, sociopathic mascots and, in general, a PEGI 18+ rating.

Fallout: the games to recover to watch the seriesFallout: the games to recover to watch the series

Where to start | Fallout: the games to catch up on before the series

There is no simple answer to the question “what do I play?”, much less would we be able to tell you exactly where to start. This is because, and we swear this is not a cop-out on our part, one game is truly as good as the other. Or rather, more or less. One of the best starting points is also one of the absolute pinnacles of the series, Fallout: New Vegas. Leaving aside the partial abandonment of the horror vein in favor of a modern post-apocalyptic westernand also the closest to the Amazon Prime Video series (indeed, vice versa) in terms of atmosphere and setting (game: Nevada and California; adaptation: Los Angeles). The episodes of the saga are technically unrelated to each other (New Vegas is set 204 years after the nuclear disaster.)

The modern phase of IP | Fallout: the games to catch up on before the series

The aforementioned New Vegas is part of the “modern” part of the saga, which also includes the third and fourth numbered chapters. Leaving from Fallout 3 before trying the sequel would be ideal. First, it was a real blueprint for the rest of the series. If we want to make another note, the narrative sector (in which the protagonist searches for his father) has reached its peak here, although it is the darkest title of the series (in the ruins of Washington DC two hundred years after the nuclear disaster). The most recent, Fallout 4, takes place in 2287 in Boston and is a little more cheerful and accessible than the others, without the “caciara factor” of New Vegas. In this case, you will have to look for the protagonist's son after he is kidnapped. As for the “classic” series of the saga, the first two episodes do not shine in terms of priority.

The seventy-six (mutated) elephants in the living room

In our previous article, we mentioned among the games in the series that (new) fans went to catch up too Fallout 76. We'll tell you right away: the multiplayer episode of the historic saga left a bad taste in the mouths of many players. If you want then clarifications on the two progenitors of the IP, we regret to tell you that since these are titles dating back to the late 90s, due to the limitations due to the hardware of the time, time has not been kind to the video games involved. Ultimately, the recovery of these milestones it's not exactly essential to derive enjoyment from the series, but at the same time it is not in the least discouraged. But not even a little. Maybe that's what they are timeless gamesperhaps, precisely because war never changes.

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