Falls – 3D Slide Puzzle: Now available on iOS and Android

Falls - 3D Slide Puzzle: ora disponibile su iOS e Android thumbnail

Ennface is proud to announce that its “3D sliding” puzzle game Falls: now available on iOS and Android. A video game suitable for family features, Falls combines colorful, different and relaxing levels with classic sliding puzzles and creating objects perfect for staying at home or spending time even in outdoor activities.

Explore and solve

Move through 250 levels in 5 different worlds with their own unique characteristics. You will have to juggle with solving timed puzzles or finding solutions in a limited number of moves.

“Handcrafted” items

Use items to solve particularly evil puzzles or keep them in your toolbox for later use or even create new ones to go on to complete levels using energy to grow and harvest plants in our new Harvest mode.

Hydro Hero

Strategically assemble the “blocks” available, thus creating a path to make the water flow and fill the ponds for Pinky, the official mascot of the game.

Here are the official reference links about the game

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