FanFactory: where to find gifts for nerds!

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If you are looking for a gift for a nerd or a nerd, FanFactory will be the right place! Dozens and dozens of products dedicated to the world of video games, cinema, TV series and more! Let’s find out together

The nerdy culture is no longer relegated to the messy rooms of kids full of pimples. THE video games they are increasingly a mass phenomenon involving millions of people around the world. The TV series with the advent of home streaming nowadays there is no shortage in anyone’s life. THE gingilli theme nerd they are therefore now appreciated by practically everyone: some for their favorite video game, some for their TV series and some for the cinema, each of us has his own nerdy idols!

The best place to find these types of articles is certainly the world of e-commerce. In this article we tell you about a website completely dedicated to nerd-themed articles, the ideal place to find gifts of this type. It is called FanFactory.

FanFactory: where to find gifts for nerds!

FanFactory: a welcoming website

The graphic interface of the web page is minimal, but well cared for. We certainly enjoyed theorganization of the store digital. The various products sold by FanFactory are organized in two different ways: by subject area or by product type. We can then view all t-shirts or sweatshirts or accessories available for sale. Or we can search for video game, movie, retro and more themed products. This organization makes navigation pleasant and functional. Of course, we can also search for articles with a keyword search.

Service offered

The service offered is of good quality and can almost rival competitors of other sizes. All the items in the store are available in prompt delivery, so there won’t be a moment to wait. The order will be handled immediately and delivered within 24 or 48 hours (if you order before 10:00).

The payment methods are very flexible. It goes from credit cards of various kinds to PayPal or bank transfer. Cash on delivery is also provided with a small surcharge. Returns can be made within 15 days of delivery of the product.

FanFactory: where to find gifts for nerds!


As already mentioned, there are different categories of products, even if the lion’s share are t-shirts and sweatshirts. The variety isn’t huge yet, but there are some of the most popular and popular video games like Kingdom Hearts o Life is Strange. We also have the most popular TV series like Game of Thrones o Doctor Who. Certainly with the passage of time the virtual shelves of the site will be replenished with many other products and greater variety.

The FanFactory t-shirts are made up at least 50% cotton and we have sizes S to 5XL available. Each t-shirt is also customizable in colors. Usually white, gray, blue, red, anthracite and red are available. Other interesting products are the mugs that carry nice gaming-themed writings. For nerdy themed gifts these are some really cute ideas.

Finally we come to the prices. A t-shirt in general costs around 20 euros, while the cups cost around 10 euros. Prices more than convenient and correct for products that are sometimes overpaid only because of the prints.

FanFactory: where to find gifts for nerds!


FanFactory is a store dedicated to the nerd world. There are still some legal flaws to his youth, but these will certainly be fixed soon. To look for nerdy-themed gifts he stays an excellent opportunity. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!

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