How is water purified? With an innovative system that uses solar energy!

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From the USA, a new water purification system that uses solar energy. A double ecological advantage!

A new system comes directly from the USA, which seems to be really effective in reference to the purification and purification of water. This is a completely state-of-the-art mechanism, since it directly uses the sun’s rays and, consequently, this type of energy.

A group of researchers working at theUniversity of Rochester has given rise to a particularly interesting novelty. It is a purification system that allows you to purify the water through the sun. An innovative system, since it offers the possibility of eliminating, with high levels of effectiveness, all those pathogens found in water, without forgetting the various organic contamination elements and heavy metals.

Technology and innovation

A system definitely in step with the times, which was born thanks to the investment that was made by the US Army Research Office. Thanks to this funding, a research team from the University of Rochester invented this mechanism. The base of the latter is represented by a panel created in aluminum and can be considered as a portable solution with a reduced environmental impact, to the point that it has no equal compared to other products on the market.

It is important to highlight how, up to now, the various technologies that aim to decontaminate water using solar energy, especially the less expensive ones, are not able to ensure a sufficient level of efficiency. The more advanced systems, on the other hand, have the drawback of involving an expense that is too high, even if only in reference maintenance activity.

In this case, as explained on the LettoQuotidiano, however, we start from an aluminum panel that has been suitably worked. In this way, here it is made decidedly darker, but also improved in many respects. Indeed, this panel has very high levels in reference to absorbency and breathability. Very special laser pulses are used to make incisions on the panel, creating real open grooves. By means of this treatment, the panel turns black and is also endowed with typically hydrophilic properties.

A truly incredible test

This panel was immersed, but only partially, in water. It is important to consider how the dark side of this base must always be held and oriented towards the sun, in such a way as to provide for the absorption of heat. Consequently, the water ends up inside the panel, when suitably absorbed. At this point, it follows a path inside the panel, to then heat up and, finally, evaporate. All the different contaminating elements that are found inside the water are consequently removed completely, with the steam being the object of special collection and condensation.

As has been perfectly highlighted by a well-known lecturer working at the University of Rochester. The choice to focus on all these elements offers a clear improvement in terms of performance. The yield rises to 100% and it is a truly effective, durable and easy to use system, especially in all those developing countries.

The main strength of this innovative system is linked to the fact that the angle of the panels can be adjusted constantly. In this way, it is able to adapt to the various inclinations of the sun’s rays, trying to ensure maximization in relation to energy absorption. In short, it could really be a remarkably revolutionary idea, which not only offers cleaning in a simple and rapid way with respect to the presence of heavy metals in the water, but can really become in no time a system to deal with. the world water crisis.

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