Fantasian: Hironobu Sakaguchi plans to retire

Fantasian: Hironobu Sakaguchi plans to retire

For better or for worse, Fantasian could be the latest work of a legendary game designer: reveals the same Hironobu Sakaguchi

The RPG coming to Apple Arcade, Fantasian, it could very well be the last work he will put his hand to Hironobu Sakaguchi, upon his own admission. We already knew that the other name associated with Final Fantasy, musician Nobuo Uematsu, intended to consider this RPG his last cheer for health reasons. However, we did not expect that even for the creator of the Square-Enix saga this title would prove to be the videogame equivalent of the last Beatles concert (improvised, ironically, right on the roof of the Apple Corps). A bittersweet metaphor, but adequate.

The farewell of Hironobu Sakaguchi with Fantasian

In a recent interview, Hironobu Sakaguchi defined Fantasian his latest project, considering his retirement from the stage a more than plausible possibility. This thought has permeated every moment of the development of the title, extending – in a small part – also to the future of his company, Mistwalker. The game designer does not know what the future of the development team awaits, but he is certain that a vacation period is at least in the plans. The tweet from the developer himself, below, already gives us a small preview of the artistic direction that we can expect in the new title.

Since its founding in 2004, Mistwalker has spawned other titles as well. The Microsoft audience, in particular, enjoyed the firstborn on Xbox 360 Blue Dragon, fruit of the inspiration of Akira “Dragon Ball” Toriyama. Likewise, the literal synonym for Final Fantasy – the title for Wii The Last Story – found himself at the center of a colossal fan-led campaign, Operation Rainfall, which also brought “colleagues” to the West Pandora’s Tower and most importantly, Xenoblade Chronicles. There is no doubt: it will be a swan song for which it is worth listening.

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