Fantastic 4: new details about the film that will drive fans crazy!

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New details about the Fantastic Four movie have been revealed, including the film’s subtitle, which will make fans of the characters who followed their stories in the comics perk up.

The film about the quartet should arrive in Avengers: Kang Dynasty e Avengers: Secret Wars, although not much is still known about who will play our protagonists in the new film adaptation based on the stories of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the new details on the Fantastic 4 film pique the curiosity of fans who have read the comics. The working title of the film refers to a famous story of the group that fans will know very well, which takes us back to a cosmic setting.

Fantastic 4: new details on the possible plot

Fantastic 4: new details about the film that will drive fans crazy!

According to recent rumors from The Cosmic Circusthe film that it was announced in December 2020 and confirmed in July 2022would have as a working title Blue Moon. Those who know comics well will know very well what the title refers to. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time that a Marvel film has as its working title a reference to a famous story from which they then took inspiration. The Blue Area of ​​the Moon in comics it’s a place similar to Earthcreated artificially by Skrulllast seen in Secret Invasion, where they performed experiments for the Cotati and the Kree. It was the Fantastic 4 who discovered the existence of the remains of an alien civilization in issue 13 of 1963. Furthermore, here they will also encounter the citadel of Pay the Observeralready seen in the MCU in the What If…?

The Blue Area of ​​the Moon has been home to many comic book characters, both heroes and villains, such as the X-Men and the Phoenix in the clash against the imperial guard Shi’Ar. The Inhumans they asked the Fantastic 4 for help in moving there after the Earth became uninhabitable for them. Another important character is the Living Tribunal, which has long been rumored to appear in the MCU. It is not clear whether the working title really suggests the plot of the film, but until the end of the actors’ strike we cannot know anything else. Continue to follow us on to discover any updates and much more on the world of cinema.

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