Fantastic Beasts: the saga is on pause!

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It seems that the director and Warner Bros Discovery are looking for a holiday from the magical world, so the Fantastic Beasts saga will go on hiatus

It seems that the Fantastic Beasts series, the spin-off set in the past of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, has no future prospects, at least in the short term. The revelation was made by David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films and the three spin-off films. The director, in an interview, revealed that, at the moment, the Fantastic Beasts saga is not seen as a priority by the Warner Bros. Discovery studio, which has purchased the rights to the entire Wizarding World. He also added that the whole team is very satisfied with the work done with the third chapter, but that they felt the need to take a break after the release of the film to the world. And he didn’t stop there.

The mixed success of Fantastic Beasts at the box office and the subsequent hiatus

Indeed, Yates has decided to reveal an interesting background regarding the planning of the series. In fact it seems that initially the saga was thought of as a trilogy, but then JK Rowling decided to surprisingly announce that there would be five films, without even consulting the production’s creative team. The writer’s revelation surprised everyone during a press screening in which some scenes from the first film were being shown. It seems that Rowling went on stage and announced that there would be five films, surprising everyone, including the creative team who no one had told that there would be five films.

However, the Fantastic Beasts series has not been consistently successful at the box office. The first film grossed well, but the next two had very significant drops, leading to the conclusion that the public has lost interest in the series. To this must be added the various controversies that have affected the cast and Rowling herself. In fact, we must take into account the replacing Johnny Depp with Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Grindelwald, the JK Rowling’s controversial statements on transgender issues, e the questionable behavior of Ezra Miller off the set, right at the moment of promotion of the film. It is not yet decided whether the series will resume in the future or whether it will remain unfinished.

The only certain thing about Potter’s narrative universe is the reboot of the saga in the form of a TV series, in addition to the obligatory break for Fantastic Beasts. To stay up to date on the world of cinema and TV series, continue to follow us on!

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