Fantic e-Scooter, EV scooter also for AM licenses

Fantic lancia e-Scooter, il suo primo scooter elettrico thumbnail

At the recent EICMA 2021, the local brand Fantic Motor, which until now offered only and exclusively thermal scooters, presented the its first electric model, the Fantic e-Scooter. The newcomer is immediately noticeable for a minimalist design, where the green color of the frame stands out, which in turn rests on 16-inch wheels. The Fantic e-Scooter e can be configured in two versions, differentiated from the capacity of its battery and in the homologation, which varies if “registered” as a moped or as a motorcycle. In both cases the electric motor that drives them is the same.

the Fantic e-Scooter has indeed an electric motor positioned under the driver’s seat, just in front of the rear wheel to which it is attached by a transmission chain. Produces a total of 3 kW of power and it is the same, as mentioned, whatever the configuration chosen.

Fantic e-Scooter, moped or motorcycle the engine does not change

The main difference between the two versions is therefore entrusted to the lithium ion battery. In the case of the 50 cm3 moped version (L1e) , the battery has a capacity of 2,2 kWh . In this case it is necessary to have the patents AM, which can be obtained from the age of 15 and which allows you to drive two-wheeled vehicles that do not exceed 45 km/h (electric mopeds). If the driver is over 18 years old, one passenger is also allowed.

The second option, the one approved as 124 cm3 electric motorcycle, has a battery capacity of 4,4 kWh which in this case, according to Fantic, can offer up to 100 kilometers autonomy. To drive it you need an A1 license (from 16 years), or a B license which allows you to drive electric motorcycles and scooters and models with 125 cm3 heat engine that do not exceed 11 kW of power.

Beyond the images and the concept presented, the Fantic e-Scooter promises to become a real industrial project . Production and launch are scheduled for 2022. The two versions will be assembled at the Motori Minarelli plants in Bologna, where Fantic will implement production processes with low environmental impact. Prices and marketing year have not yet been announced.