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Far Cry 6: what is the real duration of the game?

The new Far Cry will have you exploring and wreaking havoc on the island of Yara for several hours between secondary and collectible, but what is the actual duration of Far Cry 6?

Ubisoft has finally released Far Cry 6. The journey to free Yara from her evil and perverse dictator Anton Castillo has just begun. The title follows the setting of the previous Far Cry, placing itself (unfortunately) in continuity. In the game, as the sandbox tradition teaches, there is therefore a lot to do, even excluding the secondary activities e i collectibles. So let’s see how many total hours the time from Far Cry 6.

Even for the duration of Far Cry 6, as usual the answer is it depends

There is no answer absolute to the question. In fact the number of ore to get an idea of ​​the length of the title is to be evaluated according to yours approach. If you want to immerse yourself only in the history, then in about 13 ore you will probably be satisfied, such is the duration of the main campaign. Sure, play on a difficulty level high will definitely pick up the counter hours, but at least this way you have an idea of ​​what wait for you. On the contrary, if you decide to pay more time to help the citizens of Yara by completing in addition to the story also some optional extra, then the total duration of Far Cry 6 should settle towards 20-25 ore.

Far Cry 6: what is the real duration of the game?

Also to 10 ore after term of the main quest we still have a lot to do to get to a complete del 100%. Taking an approach from completist, finally, get to finish all side missions and collect all collectibles will ask you 60 ore. Obviously be prepared in this case to arm yourself with patience. Don’t forget that once you finish the game a juicy will come out DLC which will make the public rediscover historians villain of the series. The fun has only just begun.

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