Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Far Cry 6 is the latest addition to Ubisoft and in this guide we will see where to find all the unique weapons in the game

The last chapter of one of the most famous sagas in the videogame universe has made its debut and, although it has not fully convinced the critics, it has nonetheless achieved some success. If you want to know what we think of this video game, I invite you to read our review. Lovers of the saga will surely know that weapons are very important and collect them all unlock one of the trophies that can be obtained by playing. So let’s start this guide and find out where to find all the unique weapons featured in Far Cry 6.

Weapons for everyone!

In the game we can find 51 weapons scattered throughout the regions just waiting for us to be found. Some require you to find and complete a treasure hunt, others come assigned through story advancement and others are locked behind doors that need a key. As with the legendary animals, the game will tell us the region in which to look for these weapons, but not the exact location. But don’t worry, this guide will serve just that purpose. Once in the indicated location you will find every Far Cry 6 unique weapon in one chest with a decorative crocodile on the lid.

Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Guns – Where to find Far Cry 6’s unique weapons

black pudding

  • Madrugada region: head to the southernmost island of the Costa Del Mar. In the northernmost part of this island you will find a small villa. Go up to the first floor and enter the office where you will find the box with the relative gun.


  • Isla Sanctuary region: This gun is located in the basement of Fort Quito northwest of Sagrado. It’s locked in a gated armory, but you can break the wooden panel around the side to get inside.

Lethal Dose

  • Reason Early morning: To get this gun you will need to complete the “La Mangusta and the Man” treasure hunt in Siniestra, a coastal village south of the Aguda cliffs, near the peninsula with the Lucero lighthouse. Activate the treasure hunt and reach the marker, jump over the fence, open the shed in the back and kill the mongoose. So take the key and unlock the door to the house to get the weapon.

The Flourish

  • region The East: Head to Fontana Fort, the large island south of the Vacia coast. The gun will be located under some stairs in the southeast part of the fort, near the bridge leading to the building with the flagpole on the roof.

Clara’s Gift

  • This is a weapon that is obtained with the progress of the story, so you only have to play the main story arcs to get it. This is the reward you get for completing the “Against the Wall” operation.

Sports Pistol

  • Hope Region: Head towards Esperanza from Almendras Hills, pass El Presidente Square and then cross the bridge. There will be a small baseball field on the left after the bridge. The gun is in the commentator room.

Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Automatic Guns – Where to find Far Cry 6’s unique weapons

Rococo Loco

  • This is a reward for completing the first Operation Bandidos; you can activate it by playing part of the main story. Once this is done, you can build the Bandidos Barracks to recruit the people you rescue and send them on operations with the leaders you recruit through the Yaran Story missions. You will need ten recruits for the first operation, but you will start with a leader already unlocked.

The general

  • Isla Sanctuary region: You will find this gun in the basement of the FND Ammo Depot in Prado Meadows, directly north of Tocoloro Ridge. The door is closed, but the key card is on the table in the bunker above.


  • Valle De Oro region: This weapon is located atop the Golfo Vasto lighthouse, directly north of the Libertad Island. You can see the lighthouse from the dock near the camp.


  • This is one of the Blood Dragon weapons that is part of the Season Pass. Unlocks when you first arrive on Libertad Island.

Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Assault Rifles – Where to find Far Cry 6’s unique weapons

Mortal Rites

  • Eastern Region: Head to the southeast-most point of El Este to find the plundered coastal village of Maldito, just south of the Sombreado Gorge. You can find the weapon in a pile of bodies in the central hut.

Fanc ** o Antón

  • Isla Sanctuary region: Getting this weapon is quite complicated. First, you’ll need to unlock Montero Farm Guerilla Camp by performing the Madrugada story missions. Once unlocked, you will have to make friends with the Amigo, Chorizo, stroking him to activate his research and feeding him crocodile meat. Then complete his recovery quest, where he will lead you around Montero Farm and unearth a mysterious key. Take this key to Isla Sanctuary and head to Guau-Guau Island at Casas Cove, east of Armoria. You will find the chest on a beach.

Long live freedom!

  • Isla Sanctuary region: Head towards the Punto Norte lighthouse, the most northeastern point of the Cayo Seguro peninsula. The chest is in a hut at its base.

Quinceanera Mimetichera

  • Eastern Region: In the Sierra Perdida, south of Robustas Hills, you will find a small coastal village called Yarabi. Activate the treasure hunt there, “A Rising Tide” and enter the hut. You will find names listed in the room with buttons below them. Hit them in this order: El Tigre de Mar, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, Roja Victoria. This will unlock the room with the chest.

Shark bite

  • Eastern Region: In Conuco, head north from Fernando Valley to the Roca Pequena Sat station at the top of the hill. Here you can either kill the officer to get the key to unlock the armory or, as it is a military target, grab him and take the weapon later.

Noblesse Oblige

  • Eastern Region: Also in Conuco, directly west of Isabel Steps, you will find the False Revolution Museum on the coast. The chest is located in the southwestern room, under the guerrilla diorama.

Rough October

  • This is a reward for completing the story operation “The Lion’s Lair”.

Go with God

  • Eastern Region: Back in Conuco, north across Concepcion Bay, you will find Gabriel Castillo Airport. The cash desk is located in the air traffic control tower, which is located at the top of the main terminal building.

Sea and mountains

  • Madrugada region: In Aguas Lindas, west of Cobra Shores, there is a cove with an island. This is the Ortega Croc Farm. Head here and activate the treasure hunt, “Crocodile Tears”, then jump into the water and kill the crocodile named in the room next to the keeper’s corpse. This will give you a key that opens the door to the stilt hut containing the chest.


  • Valle De Oro region: In Noventarmas, directly southwest of Cielo Gardens, you will find El Rancho Bicho. The weapon is in the bedroom.


  • Hope Region: To the south of Old Pueblo, on the coast, there are two piers. The cashier is at the end of the western dock.

Zone 51

  • Hope Region: Directly north-east of Old Pueblo you will find the Cathedral La Divinidad. Here you can either kill the officer for the key to the armory or take the outpost and claim the chest later. If you go up the stairs inside the cathedral to the roof, you will find the armory in a small clock tower near a hole in the church ceiling.

Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Miter – Where to find Far Cry 6’s unique weapons

Iron Curtain

  • Valle De Oro region: In Cruz Del Salvador, west across the Segunda lagoon, you will find the Hotel El Tigre Dormido. Head to the dock contained within the dam on the western side and dive into the water. You will find the chest there, next to some bodies.

End of the century

  • Madrugada region: In Lozania, in the fields just east of the Palma forest, you will find Resplandor Agriculture. The trunk lies on a crate at the entrance to the eastern warehouse.


  • Valle De Oro region: In Balaceras, directly north of Diamante Lakes, you will find a broken railway bridge. Approach the bridge from the northeast and climb the vines to the abandoned wagon. The trunk is in there.

Streamline moderno

  • Madrugada region: In Lozania, to the north through the fields of the forest of Palma, you will find the second armored division FND. Kill the officer to get the key or take control of the outpost. The armory is located in a hatch in the building directly opposite the tank garage. You can actually see the chest through the crevice of a fort just south of the outpost.

Death Do-it-yourself

  • Eastern Region: In Conuco, in the northeast of Concepion, you will find the Resolver Quarter. The cash desk is located in a garage on this block north-east of the city, between two dismantled cars.


  • Madrugada region: In western Lozania, directly south of Chivito Mogote, there is a tiny outdoor bar called La Raja, next to a river in a rocky valley. The cashier is in the bar.

Heroic End

  • Eastern Region: In La Joya, north of Dorada Cove on the bay, you will find the People’s Pride Clinic. If you go to the back, behind the apartment building, you will find the crate in the area with the patient isolation beds.

Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Machine Guns – Where to find Far Cry 6’s unique weapons

Devastating Vessel

  • Eastern Region: In the Sierra Perdida, exactly southeast of Nueva Vida on the map, you will find the chest in a wreck at the bottom of the lake. If you are having a hard time finding it, the map in the outpost northeast of Nueva Vida will reveal its location.


  • Valle De Oro region: In Barrial, directly south of Muerte Point, you will find the Chancletas Resort. In the southwest part of the resort there is a fenced outdoor courtyard with a locked gate. Climb up the building next door and jump over the wall to reach the chest.

Rumbling of thunder

  • Hope Region: Northeast of West Lado on the map is El Rayo Cinema. The cash desk is located on a roof to the south, connected to the cinema by a zipline. Be careful when looking in the center of Esperanza, as enemies seem to spawn almost constantly.

Far Cry 6: where to find all the unique weapons

Sniper Rifles – Where to find Far Cry 6’s unique weapons

The predator

  • You will get this shotgun by upgrading the hunting lodge in Guerilla Camp to level three for 200 medicine and 200 metal.

Sobek Special

  • Madrugada region: In Aguas Lindas, directly east of Oasis Plains, you will find the FND Storage Hub. Activate the “Cache Money” treasure hunt and head to the roof. Press the button next to the generator to open silo two and throw an explosive into it. This will detonate the hatch from the roof, allowing you to enter. Walk through the silo until you reach a magnetic key lock door and a gated storage area with valuables. Shoot the lock on the gate, grab the key card hanging there and use it to open the office door. Press the button behind the desk to move the bookcase and reveal the room with the chest.


  • Complete a Grand Prix race. If you head to Madrugada as Clara suggests, there is a race poster in …