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Farewell to Dario Penne, historical voice actor of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine

Entertainment world in mourning for the death of Dario Penne. Great actor and artist; as well as historical voice actor of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine

The world of dubbing gathers around the pain for the loss of the great voice actor and artist, Dario Penne. The sad announcement came on social media from loyal colleagues and friends, just a few days before his 84th birthday.

Great actor of cinema, theater and television; Dario Penne he is remembered by entire generations thanks to his iconic and intense voice, especially for the link to important names and stars in the world of cinema and TV series. From Anthony Hopkins a Michael Caine; up to the extraordinary interpretation of Bender, character of the animated sitcom Futurama.

Farewell to Dario Penne, historical voice actor of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine

Farewell to Dario Penne: the life of a great artist and voice actor

Born in Trieste on 17 February 1938; Dario Penne took his first steps in the world of radio prose; to then continue his long artistic career in the theater (alongside Strehler) and finally in the world of dubbing towards the beginning of the seventies.

He first became known in the 90s for having lent his voice to Anthony Hopkins in the film Desperate Hours (and then continue up to the recent The Father); D. Penne knew immediately distinguish himself for his versatility and great charismatic ability; able to adapt and personalize each character and requirement presented to him.

The bond with the actor is unforgettable Michael Caine (in the trilogy of dark Knight by Christopher Nolan) e Tommy Lee Jones (in the Men in Black saga). In the long list we cannot fail to mention some previous and bizarre roles; as for the actor Christopher Lloyd interpreter of the eccentric scientist Doc Brown, of Back to the Future; and the multicolored performance of the treacherous Judge Morton in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Staying on the subject of bizarre and colorful animations and interpretations, Dario Penne it was the perfect Italian voice of the robot Bender nel cult sitcom Futurama at Matt Groening.

Only in 2010 had he won the award for Best Supporting Actor at the International Dubbing Grand Prix (for Shutter Island, in which he lent his voice to Ben Kingsley), while in 2019 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Voice Dubbing Festival in the Shadow.

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