Farming Simulator 22: A free DLC in April

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Available from April, Precision Farming is the new free DLC of Farming Simulator 22 with lots of new content: let’s discover them all in preview.

Farming Simulator: Precision Farming DLC ​​is coming

Farmer friends there are good news for your farms. Once again Farming Simulator 22 will allow us to live an intense and immersive agricultural simulation experience thanks to a new update. We obviously speak of the DLC Precision Farming, arriving for free on April 19, 2022 for console and PC. In addition to the news in terms of content, there will also be new improvements in the mechanics and general characteristics of the title.

Let’s start by saying that Precision Farming will focus on reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Here are some of the news:

  • crop sensors
  • new sowing and drilling techniques
  • variable weed controls
  • variable dosage of organic fertilizers
  • A new environmental score (which will help players increase farm sustainability and crop yield)

At the time, the first version of the Precision Farming DLC ​​for Farming Simulator 19 proved to be a great success (with over a million downloads). We just have to wait for April then, for an expansion that, in addition to making the title more fun, also aims to raise awareness on the subject. It is no coincidence that the project was founded by the European institute EIT Food.

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