Problems accessing Facebook and various independent media in Russia

Problemi d'accesso a Facebook e a vari media indipendenti in Russia thumbnail

The reports of problems accessing Facebook and various independent or international media in Russia. The confirmation came in these hours from the GlobalCheck monitoring service and from the AFP in Moscow. This is another system by the local government to keep information under control in these days of war in Ukraine.

Increasingly limited access in Russia to Facebook and independent or international media

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, the Russian government relies on the consistently valid methods of information control limiting access to Facebook and various independent and international media. In these hours, there have been several reports on the issue. In addition to the popular social network, the blocking also affects Russian-language sites based outside the country and various international media. The Russian channels of the BBC are also involved.

The censorship and blocking of information continues

The information control system is becoming more and more rigid in Russia. Furthermore, over the next few days, the situation could worsen further with a progressive Russia’s “disconnection” from the Western media. The control of the media and information, at this moment, represents a fundamental weapon for the Russian government which would like to avoid, or at least delay as much as possible, the possibility for public opinion to access independent information on the war in Ukraine.