Farming Simulator 22: greenhouses and beekeeping are coming

L’apicoltura e le serre sono in arrivo su Farming Simulator 22 thumbnail

Numerous new features are coming to Farming Simulator 22: the trailer shows us the new beekeeping, greenhouses and new faunas and forests.

Farming Simulator 22 introduces several new features

Good news for nature lovers, or at least the virtual one. GIANTS Software is in fact about to introduce numerous innovations a Farming Simulator 22. The highly acclaimed farm life simulation game is about to be enriched with the ability to producing honey through beekeeping. The tight, within which it will be possible grow strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes. The new trailer leaves us a foretaste of the new settings and an unprecedented fauna with fields and forests.

In combination with the new production chains, farmers will be able to greatly expand their business. These will in fact have more options available to produce additional types of crops. Direct and local distribution will allow one greater depth of play, especially in mode multiplayer together with other virtual farmers.

The importance of bees will manifest itself in Farming Simulator 22 through various effects on the farm. In fact, by placing the hives near rapeseed, potatoes and sunflowers, the yield of these crops will increase thanks to thepollination. Of course, bees will also do what they do best, they will produce honey. This can be resold to retail and grain factories where it will be used, along with other ingredients, to make breakfast food items. The hives of various sizes, productive during the warm seasons, will become a safe haven for bees during their winter hibernation.