Sifu: This is how kung fu fighting is brought into the game

Sifu is still quite far from the release, and to ease the wait the studio behind it reveals with a video how kung fu fighting is implemented within the game.

Announced during Sony’s State of Play in February, Sifu is a new game produced by the SloCap development team, creators of Absolver, featuring kung fu combat, with a particular visual and cinematic style which has been reminiscent of the popular South Korean film “Oldboy” from the beginning. The game is also known for mechanics that will lead the character to grow old with each death that the protagonist character undergoes. Among the various details that we know about the story, we know that it will be based on revenge, in a hunt for the killers of the protagonist’s family.

The work behind Sifu’s kung fu combat

Sifu is a title that will be based entirely on the main Chinese philosophies, and therefore could not miss the inclusion of an adequate combat, based on effective kung fu moves with bare hands or with sidearms. After a postponement of the game caused by COVID, we will have to wait a little longer different months to get their hands on the title, but in the meantime the developers have decided to reveal some background on the reproduction of combat within Sifu.

In this video of about six minutes, we explain in detail how the motion capture for Sifu’s gameplay, showing all the work phases necessary to then insert the combat actions into the game. Among the things they wanted to implement, there wasn’t that kind of kung fu typical of action movies most renowned, full of amazing and breathtaking moves that often make it less credible, based only on spectacularity. The team wanted to opt for one instead more brutal style, raw and really workable in real life. In the scenes shown within the video, there are also some pretty funny moments, where the actors try in every way not to hit each other.

The release date of Sifu is set for February 22, 2022, on PS5, PS4 and on the Epic Games Store as regards the PC. Keep following us on for more video game news, and check out the Instant Gaming store for discounted games.

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