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Fast charging: OPPO introduces a new super fast system at MWC

The sector of smartphone batteries is constantly evolving, with batteries becoming more advanced from year to year and, above all, capable of storing greater quantities of energy in less time. This has led many companies to invest in fast charging which are able, in the most advanced cases, to recharge a smartphone in just about ten minutes at the most.

Fast charging even faster: the future of smartphone batteries

Right at Mobile World Congress of Barcelona was shown the latest discovery in terms of fast reloads, from OPPOwhich showed a new system SuperVOOC a 240 watt which can recharge a 4500 mAh battery in just 9 minutes. An experimental solution, too, due to the technology it relies on.

The charger in fact sends to the phone i 240 watt with a flow of 24V and 10 amps, and the latter uses a DC – DC converter to bring it to 10 volts and 24 amps, which are then used to recharge the internal cells. An excellent system, which guarantees extremely short charging times, as you have surely already guessed. OPPO, however, has guaranteed that not only does this new charging method not damage the battery, on the contrary it makes it last longer.

By adopting the new recharging system after 1600 cycles the battery capacity is still higher than 80%. With current batteries, the drop to 80% is reached after about 800 cycles, a much lower figure. In short, with times like this one would rightly ask ourselves how much sense it makes to keep producing long-life batteries when the total recharge can take place in a few seconds: will we see a reversal of market trends?

It is difficult to answer at the moment, but what is certain is that the sector is continuing its climb towards innovation.

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